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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

  • Entry Requirements

    Question 1: I have two A's and a C in my A levels for Maths, Physics and Chemistry.  Do I meet the entry requirements for Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum)?
    Answer 1: A number of international qualifications and their respective cut-offs are available on Degree Finder. All other qualifications are assessed within University approved guidelines.

    Question 2: My medium of instruction in school is English. Do I still need to sit for an IELTS test?
    Answer 2: Some applicants may be required to provide evidence of English language proficiency even though they have been taught in English. Further information regarding the English language requirements can be viewed online at Admissions Information page.

    Question 3: In my most recent IELTS test, I achieved a 5.0 in writing, but an overall score of 6.0. In my previous test my writing score was 6.0. Can I combine the two scores?
    Answer 3: Two test papers cannot be combined as evidence of English Language Proficiency.

    Question 4: I have completed the first year of my Bachelor of Business at an overseas institution. Can I transfer credits to the University of Adelaide?
    Answer 4: If you would like to apply for credit/advanced standing, you must submit your course syllabuses.

  • English Language Requirements - 2018 Entry

    Question 1: I have a semester 2, 2017 offer. I would like to defer my offer until semester 1, 2018. Will I have to meet the new English language requirements?
    Answer 1: Applicants who defer their offer until 2018 will be required to meet the new minimum English language requirements.

    Question 2: I would like to take a formal leave of absence from my program. Will I have to meet the new English requirements when I return in 2018?
    Answer 2: No, you will not be expected to meet the English requirements again.

  • Accepting an Offer

    Question 1: I want to accept my offer. What do I need to provide?
    Answer 1: You need to provide ALL of the following documentation:

    1. The Acceptance Agreement: you must sign and complete each page.
    2. Evidence that you have met all the conditions of your offer.
    3. Photocopy of the personal details section of your passport.
    4. Payment for tuition fee deposit and Overseas Student Health Cover, which can be made by either
      • Bank cheque/draft made payable to the “The University of Adelaide”.
        Ensure that your name and application ID number are written on the back of the bank draft/cheque, and include the payment form.
      • Credit card – MasterCard, Visa and American Express only.
        Please ensure that you have adequate funds available and that your credit limit will cover the payment. 
    5. Payment for Pre-Enrolment English Program, if applicable.

    Question 2: Can I pay by Telegraphic Transfer or direct bank transfer into the University’s bank account?
    Answer 2:
    The University will not accept payment by direct bank transfer or Telegraphic Transfer.

    Question 3: I have added enough money to my credit card to pay my tuition fee deposit and Overseas Student Health Cover but the University has told me that I have exceeded my credit card limit. What can I do?
    Answer 3: While it is possible for you to deposit extra funds in your credit card account you must also make contact with your bank to ensure they will release the funds.

  • Information for students completing an Australian year 12 qualification

    Question 1: I am currently completing an Australian year 12 qualification and I have applied through Uniweb.  When should I expect to receive an offer?
    Answer 1: Offers will be sent progressively via email from early December as the Australian Year 12 results become available.

    Question 2: I applied through Uniweb and I haven't received my offer yet.  What do I do?
    Answer 2: All offers are issued to the email address nominated on your application.  Please ensure that you have provided your correct email address on Uniweb.

    Question 3: I wish to change my program preference.  What do I do?
    Answer 3: You can apply to change your preference through Uniweb on the SATAC website up until the January deadline specified by SATAC. After this date, you should apply to the University via the University's online application system.

    Question 4: I received an offer through SATAC, but I cannot find the Acceptance Form.  What do I do?
    Answer 4: Please see information on "Accepting Your Offer".

    Question 5: How long will it take for the University to process my Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)?
    Answer 5: Your CoE will be issued within 5-8 working days.

    Question 6: When do I need to arrive in Adelaide?
    Answer 6: All new students to the University need to arrange to be in Adelaide by the beginning of the International Student Orientation Program.  For students commencing in Semester 2, 2016, orientation begins on Monday 18 July 2016.  More information on the Orientation Program.

  • Extensions to Deadlines

    Question 1: My Acceptance and Payment deadline is approaching and I have not yet organised all my documentation. Can I have an extension to my deadline?
    Answer 1: The University is flexible about most Acceptance and Payment deadlines, except for the Bachelor of Dental Surgery and the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery programs, which cannot be extended.

    When requesting an extension please ensure that you specify a date that leaves you with sufficient time to obtain your student visa and arrive in Adelaide by commencement of the Orientation program. Your agent or nearest Australian Embassy will be in the best position to provide you with information about visa processing times.

  • Documentation

    Question 1: My offer is conditional upon the completion of my current semester but I do not think that my results will be out in time to meet the Acceptance and Payment deadline. Will you accept online results?
    Answer 1: The University cannot accept unofficial results. You will need to find out from your institution when your official results can be issued and then request an extension to your Acceptance and Payment deadline if necessary. While the University can be flexible about most Acceptance and Payment deadlines we cannot process Acceptance paperwork and issue Confirmation of Enrolments (CoE) while conditions are outstanding.

    Question 2: What is a certified copy?
    Answer 2: Click here for full details about certified documents.

    Question 3: Can I submit a scanned document?
    Answer 3: The University of Adelaide will only accept scanned documents from official agents and representatives of the University of Adelaide. Agents must ensure that all documents are correctly certified.

  • Visas

    Question 1: I have met the conditions of my offer and would like to request a revised letter for purposes of visa application.
    Answer 1: A new offer is not required. Once we receive the documentation required and you have met the conditions of your offer, you will be notified in writing and may then proceed to acceptance. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection only require you to provide a copy of your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) in conjunction with your original offer.

  • Orientation

    Question 1: I will not be able to arrive on time to join the Orientation Program for International students. Will I still be able to commence my program?
    Answer 1: We strongly encourage all international students to arrive on time to participate in the Orientation program. As well as providing you with a good opportunity to meet fellow students, it will provide you with useful information about Adelaide, the University campus, your student visa, enrolment procedures and other University services. There is also some evidence to indicate that students who attend orientation achieve better academic results than those who do not attend orientation.

    All international students must arrive on time to commence classes on the official start date of lectures. Classes usually commence 2 weeks after the start of orientation, however some programs may commence earlier.

    Question 2: All of the flights to Adelaide are booked and I can’t be in Adelaide in time for Orientation. What is the latest date I can arrive?
    Answer 2: Please see question above. The absolute latest date of arrival is the first day of classes.

  • Enrolment

    Question 1: Can I enrol in my home country?
    Answer 1: If you are a new student, you are required to enrol in Australia. A number of programs require detailed course counselling and guidance prior to enrolment. The enrolment support provided at this time is crucial to ensuring your academic success.
    If you are a continuing student, you will be notified of enrolment open dates. You should check the enrolment advice online and access MyUni regularly for updates.

    Question 2: Can I have a copy of the courses I will be enrolling in?
    Answer 2: Both the undergraduate and postgraduate calendar can be viewed online at The calendar provides detailed information about program rules and structure, course content, contact hours, examinations and grading. You will receive course counselling prior to enrolment to familiarise yourself with program structure, compulsory courses and study plans.

    Question 3: What does it mean to 'overload'?
    Answer 3: Overloading is when you undertake a study load of more than the standard full-time load of 12 units per semester. Overloading is optional and enables you to complete your program with a reduced duration. However, heavy overloading is not recommended as this may impact on your ability to successfully complete the program. Overloading will also result in an adjustment to your tuition fees per semester.

For information related to Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery/Bachelor of Dental Surgery/Bachelor of Oral Health

  • Personal Qualities Assessment (PQA) FAQs

    Question 1:  Can payment for the PQA be made via telegraphic transfer?
    Answer 1:  No. Payment for the PQA testing is made via credit card on the link provided upon selection of the venue.

    Question 2:  Can I opt for an alternative PQA venue after it has been booked?
    Answer 2:  If there is availability at an alternate venue indicated online, you may book yourself into any available session.

    Question 3:  Can I sit for the PQA in a venue that is not listed in the application form?
    Answer 3:  Only the venues listed on your acknowledgment email can be chosen.

    Question 4: What is the appropriate dress code for the PQA and the interview?
    Answer 4:  Smart casual wear is appropriate.

    Question 5:  Are there any practice tests available for the PQA?
    Answer 5:  Candidates do no require any specific preparation or knowledge to undertake PQA. Please find further description of the PQA at:

    Question 6: Can I bring a dictionary into the PQA?
    Answer 6:  No, a dictionary is not allowed into the PQA venue. It is an assumption that the candidate’s vocabulary skills are at the required level.

    Question 7:  If I am not successful in the PQA, can I appeal?
    Answer 7:  Yes, you may appeal. However the chances are very remote that a PQA decision will be reversed.

    Question 8:  Can I contact the University to find out the outcome of my PQA?
    Answer 8:  This is not necessary. All information regarding PQA and interview outcomes are released on the Faculty of Health Sciences Application Tracking website.  It is the responsibility of all applicants to check this website regularly for important information.

    Question 9:  Can I know my actual score for the PQA?
    Answer 9:  No, the PQA results remained the property of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Adelaide.  Individual results are not released.

    Question 10:  How long does the PQA and the Interview take?
    Answer 10:  The PQA takes three hours in duration and the interview is 30 minutes.

  • Interview FAQs

    Question 11:  Can I do a telephone interview?
    Answer 11: No, you must attend the interview in person.

    Question 12: How many people will be on the interview panel?
    Answer 12: Your interview will be conducted by an experienced assessor.

  • Application FAQs

    Question 13:  Is a forecast result acceptable for entry into the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery or Bachelor of Dental Surgery/Bachelor of Oral Health?
    Answer 13: No.

    Question 14:  Can I defer my offer if I am unable to attend the University?
    Answer 14:  Approving deferral is at the discretion of the Faculty of Health Science. No guarantee is given that a deferral will be granted.

    Question 15:  Can I apply for advanced standing/credit based on my previous studies (including any other related degrees at Adelaide)?
    Answer 15:  No, due to the vertical structure of these programs, all students must begin their degree from the first year.

    Question 16:  Can I find out my ranking in the selection process?
    Answer 16:  No, the results of the student ranking are strictly confidential.

    Question 17:  I have applied for Permanent Residency but it has not been granted, should I apply as an international or a domestic student?
    Answer 17: It is recommended that you apply as both an international and a local student, so you do not miss either of the deadlines.

    Question 18: I have an offer from another institution, but would like to know if I have been accepted into the University of Adelaide before accepting this offer.
    Answer 18:  There will be no early release of assessment outcomes. It is recommended that you accept an alternative offer that interests you, as there is no guarantee of an offer from the University.

    Question 19:  Can I appeal if I am not made an offer to my program of choice?
    Answer 19:  Yes, you may appeal. However the chances are very remote that a non-offer decision will be reversed.


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