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The University encourages feedback on all aspects of University life and it supports every students’ right to express dissatisfaction or make complaints concerning:

  1. Academic decisions—grievances about decisions which involve the exercise of academic judgment
  2. Administrative decisions, services or facilities—grievances about decisions on administrative matters, the quality of administrative service or the provision of facilities
  3. Unfair treatment—grievances about student behaviour in breach of the University’s Fair Treatment Policy as well as grievances about staff behaviour.

Grievances are monitored and analysed to identify problems and to ensure continuous improvement in services provided by the University.

  • Resolution Process

    The University of Adelaide’s Student Grievance Resolution Process (www.adelaide. is intended for use by all students who have a grievance against the University, whether the students are on-shore or offshore, domestic or international, undergraduate or postgraduate, on-campus or studying externally.

    The University has a four-stage process to assist in the resolution of student grievances.

    Stage 1: Informal discussion

    Stage 2: Formal review

    Stage 3: Appeals

    Stage 4: External review or appeal

    Students are strongly advised to seek assistance from a Student Grievance Advisor, to help them with strategies for dealing with the issue informally and quickly.

  • Grievance Advisors

    For assistance with a student grievance and all aspects of the Student Grievance Resolution process please seek advice from one or more of the following contacts.

    Education & Welfare Officers in Student Care
    The Education and Welfare Officers are not University employees, and are thus able to take an independent advocacy role on behalf of students.
    T: 8313 5430

    Staff in the Student Policy and Appeals office
    T: 8313 7503 or 8313 7572

    International Student Advisors in International Student Support
    International Student Advisors are not able to take an advocacy role but can assist with general grievances.
    T: 8313 4828

    For further information please contact:
    International Student Support
    Ground Floor, Old Classics Wing
    North Terrace campus
    The University of Adelaide
    T +61 8 8313 4828


International Student Support (Kenneth Wills Building)

Call us +61 8 8313 4828
Opening Hours: Monday 10am-5pm, Tuesday to Friday 9am-5pm
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