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Plagiarism & Copyright

The University respects intellectual property and copyright laws.

Consequently, plagiarism is taken very seriously and if you plagiarise you risk failing your course. In your assignments, you must provide some form of acknowledgment for:

  • direct quotes from a published text or website
  • paraphrasing or summarising other people’s published ideas—changing a few words from a paragraph, or changing the order it is written in, without referencing, may still be considered plagiarism
  • the use of graphics, tables or images from print or online sources.

It is important that you understand what constitutes plagiarism, and how to appropriately cite and reference work in your assignments. Ignorance of the rules is not often accepted, as all departments make every effort to bring the policies and their requirements to your attention.

The best way to avoid trouble with plagiarism is to understand exactly what the acceptable requirements are. You can discuss and clarify any confusion you have about it with your tutors and lecturers.

The Writing Centre also run sessions on how to avoid plagiarism; how to understand and meet assessment criteria; and how to develop your academic writing skills. These sessions are all free—contact the Writing Centre to find out when they are being run.

It is also recommended you read the University’s Plagiarism Policy.

Copyright infringement

The University’s Information Technology Acceptable Use & Security Policy prohibits use of University IT facilities in ways that infringe copyright (e.g. file sharing software and copying MP3 files).

If you use University computers or the University network to copy or distribute sound and video recordings without authorisation from the copyright owner, you will be in breach of the Policy.

The University will regularly monitor your use of all University IT facilities for file sharing software and music/video files (i.e. MP3s, WAVs, WMAs etc). This includes monitoring of Internet use. If it is discovered that you have contravened the policy, the information will be logged and you will be contacted. Your access may be suspended, and disciplinary action may be taken against you.

For further details refer to the Information Technology Acceptable Use & Security Policy.


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