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Medical Services

The Australian Health System promotes preventative health care.

This means you do not have to be unwell to visit a doctor. You can visit a doctor or other health professional if you want to improve your general health or if you want some advice or information about your health. The Government of South Australia through SA Health has produced a series of Health and Wellbeing Fact sheets that you may find useful as an introduction to this area.

Physical, mental, sexual and social well-being are all important elements that are linked to your overall health and the outcome of your studies here in Adelaide. The majority of students are very capable of maintaining physical and social elements, but many may be less experienced with maintaining their mental health, or women's/ men's health.  The links below contain information about the types of medical services that many of our students access regularly. The last link has information about student accident insurance through the University, this is separate to OSHC but does not replace OSHC.

  • University Health Services

    University Health (formerly Parklands Medical Practice) is a research and teaching practice in association with the Discipline of General Practice providing comprehensive and confidential health care to all students and staff in a friendly and comfortable environment.

    University Health is located on the ground floor of the Horace Lamb Building (opposite counselling) at the North Terrace Campus. Click here to see University Health on the Campus Map.

    A comprehensive range of services is provided, including:

    • health checks
    • immunisations and vaccinations
    • women's health
    • drug and alcohol counselling
    • contraception advice
    • sports medicine
    • skin care and travel medicine
    • grief and bereavement counselling
    • weight disorders, obesity and bulimia
    • psychotherapy/counselling

    University Health is open Monday to Friday 8:45am to 5:00pm all year round except for Public Holidays. You can make an appointment by phone on 8313 5050 or by coming in and talking to the staff.

    Both female and male doctors are available and consultations are usually covered by Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

    University Health direct bills to OSHC Global Assistance - your OSHC Global Assistance health cover pays for services provided there. Direct billing is an arrangement between a health insurance provider and a doctor (or other medical facility), where the doctor sends bills for services directly to your health insurance company. This means that you do not have to put in a separate claim with your insurance company.

    There are other medical practices in Adelaide that direct bill to OSHC Global Assistance - please contact ISS for more information. Alternatively, just ask the doctor you plan to visit whether they have any direct billing arrangements with your healthcare provider.

    For more information, visit University Health.

  • External Health Services

    As an international student with current overseas health cover, you can access health and medical services outside the University.

    If you visit a doctor outside the University, however, you may not be refunded for the full fee amount. In Australia, doctors are allowed to charge what they feel is reasonable for their services, and most doctors charge more than the 'scheduled' fee. The Australian Government sets a schedule of standard fees for medical services provided by doctors, pathology, and x-rays - this is usually called the 'scheduled' fee or the 'bulk billed' fee. Always ask before you make an appointment if the practice charges the scheduled fee or bulk bills. If the answer is no, you need to ask how much it will cost you to visit the doctor. All standard OSHC policies will cover 85% of the 'scheduled' fee.

    You may wish to visit a doctor near where you live. In Australia, a doctor is often referred to as a GP (General Practitioner) or MP (Medical Practitioner). A list of doctors names, locations and phone numbers can be found in the Yellow Pages Telephone Directory, L-Z, under Medical Practitioners - Locality Guide for the nearest medical centre in your suburb.

    Some doctors' clinics are open 7 days. However, they do NOT provide a 24-hour service. Use your favourite search engine to find details of an after-hours service near you. Alternatively, you can use Allianz Global Assist's Find a Doctor page to locate a GP near you.

    Public Hospitals

    Each public hospital has a 24-hour Emergency and Casualty department where you may seek help after hours and during weekends. Expect to wait a long time to see a doctor at a public hospital unless of course it is an emergency. You should check the details of your policy benefits regarding treatment in a public hospital with your OSHC provider.

    Generally, OSHC covers the total cost of your stay and treatment as an in-patient in a shared ward of a public hospital.

    In an emergency, if you do not have your health cover membership card use ISS emergency contact details to ring an International Student Advisor to assist you to get your membership details.

    Major Public Hospitals in South Australia
    Flinders Medical Centre Flinders Drive, Bedford Park Tel: 8204 5511
    Modbury Public Hospital Smart Rd, Modbury Tel: 8161 2000
    Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woodville Road, Woodville Tel: 8222 6000
    Lyell McEwin Health Service Haydown Rd, Elizabeth Vale Tel: 8182 9208
    Women's and Children's Hospital 72 Kind William Rd, North Adelaide Tel: 8161 7000
    Royal Adelaide Hospital North Terrace, Adelaide Tel: 8222 4000

    * Direct bills OSHC Allianz Global Assistance

    In an emergency - dial 000

    Private Hospitals

    Private hospitals are very expensive for treatment and accommodation. Depending on your policy, your health cover may cover some of the costs of a private hospital, but you will have to pay the difference. Please refer to your health cover Policy Document for details of your cover. You can find private hospitals listed in the Yellow Pages, A-K, under Hospital - Private.

    Pharmaceuticals / prescriptions

    Pharmaceuticals prescribed by a doctor are not free or available from doctors. They must be purchased at a chemist.

    For details of OSHC prescription medicines benefits, visit OSHC Allianz Assistance, or contact your insurance provider.  If you arranged OSHC with the University, you can download the Prescription Medicines factsheet from the OSHC Allianz Assistance web.

  • Allied Health Services

    Dental Services

    Standard OSHC does not cover any dental services. If you need to see a private dentist, it will generally cost you around AUD$40 for the first visit. You should be given a good estimate/cost of the work to be done after your first visit. If in doubt seek a second opinion. Some dentists are more expensive than others. Appointments are necessary to visit a dentist, and payment at time of service is always expected.

    A good option for students of the University is the Colgate Dental Clinic, the dental practice attached to the University dental research centre. Students are eligible for a 10% discount at the Colgate Clinic. The Clinic is located on Level 2 of the Adelaide Dental Hospital on Frome Road. To make an appointment, telephone: 8313 3437.


    Experiencing feelings of homesickness is normal and can affect anyone in various stages of their life. Being in a new country and a new university is difficult and can be overwhelming to any person regardless of cultural background, age, gender, and life experiences.

    It is an acceptable practice in Australia to seek help and speak to a counsellor about one's fears, stresses or distresses, grief, academic anxieties, relationship issues, or any concern affecting your lifestyle. Counselling can help you achieve and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

    On campus - the Counselling Service at the University of Adelaide provides a service which is friendly and confidential, non-threatening, flexible, relaxed and open to all cultural backgrounds. The Counselling Service is located on the ground floor of the Horace Lamb building. The centre also runs a drop-in service from 1.00pm to 2.30pm daily (no appointment necessary). Telephone: 8313 5663.

    Off campus - Lifeline Adelaide is a personal and family counselling service that provides personal and marital counselling for people of all ages. Lifeline is a safe and supportive environment adhering to respect for individuals and maintaining confidentiality of all its cases. Telephone: 131 114 (24 hours).

    For further information about maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle whilst succeeding academically have a look at the University's UniThrive site.


    Optometrist services are located throughout Adelaide and suburbs. Please refer to a telephone directory under, 'O' for Optometrists – Most directories contain a Locality Guide for services in your area. There is an OPSM Optometrist located close to the University of Adelaide's North Terrace campus at 198 North Terrace, Telephone: 8305 1000.


    Physiotherapy is available throughout Adelaide and suburbs. Please refer to a telephone directory under, 'P' for Physiotherapists - Most directories contain a Locality Guide for services in your area.

    University of Adelaide students are entitled to use the services of the Physiotherapy Clinic at the University of South Australia, at a heavily discounted rate. The service is run by teaching staff and higher degree students of the University of South Australia. Initial consultation costs approximately AUD$20, and approximately AUD$15 for each subsequent visit. Telephone 8302 2541 to arrange an appointment.


    Podiatry services are located throughout Adelaide. Please refer to a telephone directory under, 'P' for Podiatry - Most directories contain a Locality Guide for services in your area. University Health recommends Foot Med, Foot and Ankle Clinic, Level 2, Security House, 233 North Terrace. Telephone 8223 5152.

    Sexual Health and Family Planning

    Family planning, contraceptives and sexuality issues can be discussed with nurses, doctors or counsellors on campus. There are several centres throughout Adelaide providing advice and specialist services to the community and the most well known of these is SHINE SA (Sexual Health Information Networking and Education). AUD$20 per year (AUD$10 concession) covers clinical services, counselling services and use of the library at SHINE SA. Telephone 8431 5177 or visit the SHINE SA web site. For other services please refer to a telephone directory under, 'F' for Family Planning, and Counselling-Marriage, Family & Personal. - Most directories contain a Locality Guide for services in your area.

    Sexual Health, sexually transmitted infection issues can also be discussed with nurses or doctors on campus.  You may also visit your local General Practitioner (Doctor) for advice and treatment.  The Royal Adelaide Hospital provides a specialist service that is free of charge for the diagnosis and treatment of STI's.  The health service is called Clinc 275 and is located at 275 North Tce (opposite the Royal Adelaide Hospital).  Clinic 275 offers free and confidential testing, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (including HIV/AIDS).  A health advisory service is available for more detailed information and/or counselling related to STD issues.

    Information you disclose during your visit to Clinic 275 is strictly confidential. It cannot be released to anyone outside the clinic or laboratory without your written permission.

    Women’s and men’s health

    Whether you plan to be sexually active or not, it is important that you can access up to date, confidential and reliable information about your sexual health and relationship issues.

    The following resources can help you to answer these questions and more:

    • What is safe sex?
    • What contraceptives are available in Australia?
    • Are hormonal or barrier contraceptives better for me?
    • Will the contraceptive pill affect my future fertility?
    • What are sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?
    • Is there a way to eliminate the chance of contracting STIs?
    • Do I need a pap smear?

    Shine SA

    Clinic 275

    Your Sex Health

    Like It Is

    University Health

    Youth Health Line: 24 hours/7 days a week, Telephone: 1300 131 719

    MensLine Australia, 24 hours/7 days a week, Telephone: 1300 789 978

    Women's Health

    Women's Health Statewide is a community based information and referral service for women. It is staffed by administrative workers, bi-cultural and bi-lingual workers, community health nurses, doctors, project workers and social workers. The centre seeks to address all aspects of women's lives, including age, cultural background, sexuality, disability and financial situation. Most of the centre's services are free. Visit the Women's Health Statewide website.

    Another organisation you may find helpful is the Multicultural Centre for Women's Health. MCWH is a national, community-based organisation which is led by and for women from immigrant and refugee backgrounds, they also include international students in their remit. They are committed to advancing the health and wellbeing of women, through our leadership, education and advocacy. If you require a health resources in a language other than English you can contact their Library Coordinator to request it or you call them free of charge on 1800 656 421.

    Sexuality Services

    Inside Out is a free and confidential health service for young gay, bisexual and same sex attracted men 26 and under. Inside Out is located at 57 Hyde Street, Adelaide. Telephone 8232 0233.

    Gay Men's Health is a service which provides information, counselling and support on a range of issues affecting gay men as well as workshops, discussion groups, regular open evenings, and personal development courses. Gay Men's Health also assists men to join social networks in the city and country. It has a range of health related and fiction material in its library. Gay Men's Health is located at Darling House, 64 Fullarton Road, Norwood. Telephone 8334 1606.

    The Man2Man Information Line provides confidential information and support and is available Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 5pm.
    City Callers: (08) 8334 1617 Country Callers: 1800 671 582.

    The Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service of South Australia is available from 7pm-10pm every night and from 2pm-5pm on weekends. Telephone 8422 8400 or 8334 1623. You can also visit the Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service of South Australia web site.

    The AIDS Council of South Australia aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV/AIDS. For more information you can view the AIDS Council of South Australia web site or the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations web site.

  • Student Accident Insurance

    The University of Adelaide subscribes to an insurance scheme which covers University related activities. This covers both undergraduate and postgraduate students for campus related accidents. The three main areas are:

    • Travel
    • Work experience
    • Personal Accident

    More information about this insurance can be found on the University Legal and Risk web.


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