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Let's get to know a little more about the city you'll be studying in.

You'll find lots of information about what Adelaide is like in these videos. For more information, see the What to Expect and Getting to Adelaide page on our website.

Adapting to Adelaide

Arriving in Adelaide


Travelling to and studying in a new country can be very exciting, but it can also be a bit scary. It's time to get prepared!

Culture Shock


After the initial excitement wears off, you might start to feel a bit sad or homesick - but don't worry! This is perfectly normal. We call it Culture Shock.

What to Expect


When you first get here, the process of adapting to life in Adelaide may take some time, but don't worry. You will eventually settle in.

Aussie Food


Aussie cuisine, once fairly boring, is now known for its international influences, but we also have a few tasty treats all our own. Here's what you can expect to eat when you get here.

Aussie Wildlife


Yes, we have a lot of flies here. There is no upside to this, but at least we can make sure you're prepared for them!


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