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Aussie Culture

What is an Aussie? Find out here!

You'll find lots of information about what Australian ("Aussie") Culture in the videos below.


Aussie English


We speak English in Australia. Honest. It might sound a bit different to what you're used to, but it is definitely English - Aussie English!

Aussie Greetings


When people ask, 'How are you?', they don't really expect an honest answer. Even simple greetings can be confusing until you get used to them. Learn how Aussies will greet you, and how you should respond!

Aussie Social Customs


There is something special about Australian - or Aussie - culture. Learning about it will be part of the fun when you get here, but here is a bit of an introduction for you.

Aussie Stereotypes


Check this video out and then, after you've been here for a while, let us know which stereotypes you think are true and which are pure fancy - we are completely biased on the subject!

Aussie Pastimes


Want to know what you'll be doing in Australia? Here's what we do for fun!

Useful Links

Aussie Governance


Australia is a democratic constitutional monarchy. Learn a bit more about how we're goverened.

Aussie Money Matters


Tips, bribes, and bragaining - what to do?! Save yourself some confusion and hassle by learning how we handle these money matters before you get here.


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