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The University

Welcome to the University of Adelaide!

You can learn more about the University on our About the Uni webpage. These videos will introduce you to the University learning environment to help you prepare for your studies here.

The University of Adelaide

University Culture


Studying in another country isn't just about studying in another culture. The University learning environment may be new to you too.

University Terminology


Learning how the University refers to your degrees, classes, and assessment will help alleviate confusion when you get here.

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Your Student Card

Your Student Card, or 'Student ID Card', is one of the most important pieces of identification you will receive, but it does more than you might realise!

University Online


Much of your University experience will be managed through our online systems. Get an introduction to them before you arrive so you'll know what to expect.

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University Structure


Knowing which Faculty and School you belong to will help you find your classes and figure out where to go when you need help.

University Fees

Your University tuition fees must be paid on time to ensure your continued enrolment. Remember that your tuition fee deposit does not cover the full amount of fees for your first semester.


Class Types


The type of class you attend will determine how you act in that class and what you have to do to prepare for it.

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Assessments are used to measure your ability to complete your program successfully. They allow you to demonstrate that you have acquired the necessary knowledge to achieve your qualification.

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Group Work


One of the more common methods of assessment, group work assignments allow you to gain the necessary skills you will need to work within a team environment within your chosen profession.


International Student Support (Hughes Building)

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