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Orientation is not just about getting to know Australia, Adelaide, and the University.

You also need to prepare yourself for you. This page contains information about your personal situation on Adelaide, including your student visa conditions, setting up a living space in Adelaide, money matters, and how to feed yourself while you're here.

Your Student Visa

Student Visa Conditions


If you're in Australia on a student visa you must be aware of your student visa conditions and ensure you abide by them at all times. This is just a summary. Make sure you check your Visa Grant Notice and contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection if you have any questions.

Working on a Student


Some of you may choose to do some part time work while you are studying. Make sure you know your restrictions before you do.

Satisfactory Academic


Maintaining satisfactory academic progress is a condition of your student visa, but what does that mean?

Grievance Resolution


Sometimes you may disagree with a decision taken by the University, or wish to raise a grievance or complaint associated with a staff member or another student at the University. If that happens, here's how to go about seeking a resolution.

Your Health



If you're holding a student visa, it's important to know about your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

If You Get Sick


We hope you maintain good health throughout your studies! However, accidents happen and we all feel under the weather from time to time. Getting sick in a foreign country can be frightening. Who do you call? Where do you go? Make sure you're prepared.

Medical Billing Info

What is a Gap? Is going to the doctor 'free'? What is covered by your OSHC? What isn't? Your OSHC covers a lot, but not everything. You may find yourself paying additional money to doctors, or for medicines and treatments.

Your Safety

Personal Safety


Adelaide is a pretty safe place to live and study, but you should always make sure you take care of your personal safety, no matter where you are.

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Alcohol Safety


Australia is well known for its wine and beer, and there's nothing wrong with enjoying a night out on the town, but you should always drink responsibly and make sure you stay safe no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Ocean Safety

Australia - and Adelaide in particlar - has some of the best beaches in the world. Whether you're an experienced swimmer or not, be extra careful out in the water. Did you know one of our Prime Ministers drowned at the beach while he was still governing our country?

Your Finances

Your Money Matters


Get some tips on how to budget your money while you're in Australia.

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Phone & Internet


Get connected while you're in Australia, but first, get some tips for choosing the right plans for you.

Shopping In Adelaide


Who doesn't love a bargain? We may not haggle much here, but that doesn't mean you can't get the best price for the goods you want to purchase. Remember: it pays to shop around!

Setting Up House


Many students choose to stay in University managed accommodation, which means they don't need to worry about setting up - or maintaining - their house while they're here. If you go for private rental accommodation, you may need to set up house, and this can be expensive.

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