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International Student Support Staff

The team at International Student Support are dedicated to supporting international students throughout their studies.

Augustine (Gus) Bhaskarraj

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Augustine (a.k.a. Gus) mostly provides support to Australia Awards scholarship students. He also manages International Student Support Newsletter and assists in ISC events. If you have any contributions to make to International Student Support News & Events blog, or to our weekly Newsletter, he's the one to contact. Gus joined International Student Support team in 2010, when he decided to take a diversion from Engineering to support international students. Come in and say ‘Hi’ to Gus - he loves to chat with students and answer their queries!

Seaneen Hopps

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Seaneen is the International Student Support Coordinator. She has over 15 years experience working at The University of Adelaide; 10 years as an International Student Advisor. Seaneen is committed to providing effective student support and helping students make the most out of their time in Adelaide.

Shawna Hooton

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Shawna is an International Student Advisor at International Student Support. Her favourite part of the role is working closely with the brilliant International Peer Mentors to welcome new students during Orientations and to find creative solutions for students. You’ll probably see her enjoying a donut at Friday morning teas or singing along with the performers at the Language and Cultural Engagement social events. Feel free to ask Shawna any questions you have about ice hockey and Tim Hortons - she's from Canada!

Xiaochun Liu

Image on left Xiaochun is one of the Compliance Officers at International Student Support. She’s also our office Fire Warden (seen here in her Fire Warden hat), which is good because she’s a very fiery person! If you have any concerns about your CoE or student visa, Xiaochun is here to help!

Owen Lindsay

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Owen is one of the Compliance Officers at International Student Support, and can answer questions about your student visa or CoE. He is also most likely the tallest person in the room right now.

Soufiane Rboub

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Soufiane is one of the Student Advisors at International Student Support. He specialises in helping students who are sponsored by organisations outside of the University. If you need help liaising with your sponsor, feel free to contact Soufiane at any time. 

Adiemus Seah

Image on leftAdiemus is an International Student Adviser at International Student Support. He has 15 years experiences working at various higher education institutions both overseas and Australia. His passion is to help international students develop confidence, problem-solving skills, and a positive outlook in life through trials and challenges. He enjoys helping students reach their goals and aspirations. Apart from working with international students at North Terrace campus, he also supports international students studying at the Waite and Roseworthy campuses, and students living in university managed accommodation.

Niranjala Seimon

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Niranjala is the International Student Advisor for Australia Awards Scholarship and Refugee and Humanitarian Scholarship holders at the University of Adelaide.


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