Pre-Arrival Costs

How much is it going to cost to study with us?

To help guide you, we've detailed below what study costs you may incur as well as costs to think about before you arrive that are related to your studies.

  • Program costs

    Degree costs

    If you are wanting to study a full degree at the University of Adelaide, please check the degree finder information for the costs of your desired degree.

    Study abroad costs

    If you are studying overseas and wanting to do a part of your degree at the University of Adelaide, please check the study abroad costs page for fee information.

    English language costs

    If you are looking to study an Academic English Program, please check the English Language Centre page for fee information.

  • Tuition fee calculation

    Tuition fees are calculated based on the degree program in which you are enrolled.

    The quoted fee is based on the standard full-time enrolment load of 24 units per year. It is reviewed on an annual basis and may increase from year to year.

    All fees are provided in Australian dollars (AUD) and are indicative only.

    Where the standard duration of the program is less than one year, the full cost of the program is displayed. Where the full duration of the program is greater than one year the annual fee is displayed. Where a program is offered on a trimester basis the quoted fee is for 24 units only.

  • Fee payment

    As an international student at the University of Adelaide, you will be required to pay appropriate fees for your degrees.

    A deposit payment of AU $14,000 is payable when you accept your Offer of Admission. This payment is counted as credit towards your tuition fees in the first semester/trimester. After enrolment, you will be invoiced for the balance of your fees in that semester/trimester.

    An invoice for the balance of the first semester/trimester tuition fees will be sent before the first day of the semester/trimester. Fees for subsequent semesters/trimesters will be due at the beginning of each semester/trimester.

    If fees are not paid when they are due, and you have not consulted with Student Finance about financial hardship, or entered into an approved payment plan, your enrolment may be cancelled. Please see the fee-paying section of the web for more details.

    Fees vary between Faculties and Schools (e.g. Engineering, Science, Commerce) and can also vary within Faculties and Schools as they are calculated according to the discipline of study.

    Therefore, students undertaking a course (subject) from another discipline will be charged for that course at the rate applicable to that discipline. This may mean an increase or decrease in fees. Students planning to undertake courses in different programs are advised to check the fee commitment with the University Contact Centre prior to enrolling.

  • Other study costs

    You should allow expenditure of at least A$500 per year in addition to the degree costs outlined above - this should cover the cost of textbooks and other basic study materials.

    Depending on the degree you are studying, other costs may include:

    • specialist equipment (e.g. laboratory coats, microscopes, stethoscopes)
    • optional supplementary reading and academic program materials
    • field trips
    • research related expenses such as thesis preparation, printing and binding

    You can also choose to join the Adelaide University Union (AUU), our peak student representative body.

    By joining, students will assist the AUU to develop and implement the philosophy that life at university is so much more than textbooks and lectures.

    In addition, students will be able to access a range of discounts covering gym membership, prices at commercial outlets on campus, textbooks and participation in a comprehensive range of activities of the Students' Association, Clubs Association and Sports Association.

  • Refund policy

    You should read the International Student Refund Policy before accepting your Offer of Admission. The policy complies with all of the requirements for tuition fee refunds stipulated in the Education Services for Overseas Student (ESOS) Act 2000, associated Commonwealth regulations, and the ESOS National Code of Practice.

You should also take note of any relevant pre-arrival costs associated with your travels, visa application and accommodation.