Hemlata Karki

Hemlata Karki

Country: Bhutan upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/91/Fla...
Degree: Master of Education
Faculty: Faculty of Arts


Studying Online during COVID-19

The shift from blended learning to virtual flipped intensive has offered me a rich experience of online learning. Every discipline in Master of Education is surprisingly interactive through emails, question-answer forums, discussion board, assignments and Zoom conferences.

I have learned just as much online as I would have in a blended approach.Hemlata Karki

Each professor keeps excellent communication throughout the course through emails, notifications and feedback. Reading materials, videos, pre-recorded lectures allow flexibility and at your own pace learning. Zoom conferences are always interesting because you get to see everyone simultaneously. The sessions are lively with high energy levels of the professors and ensure student-student interaction through breakout sessions. I have not experienced anything different in virtual classes than in traditional classes.

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