Shihe Li

Country: China
Degrees: Doctor of Philosophy (Banking and Finance)
Faculty: Arts, Business, Law and Economics

Why did you choose your degree?
Simply, I enjoy doing research, and I got some related backgrounds from my previous studies.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Adelaide?
There are many available resources, such as access to academic journals and research databases at the University of Adelaide. These are very important ingredients for me to build up my research career. I also got a very good relationship with my supervisors and received enormous help and support during my previous studies at the University of Adelaide. I really appreciated the opportunities to learn from them, not only the knowledge but also the way they think toward the academic area.

What do/did you enjoy about your degree?
Learning from previous literature, connecting theory and empirical evidence to the real world, it is the most enjoyable part from doing a research degree.

What are your career aspirations after university?
To be a good teacher and deliver the knowledge that I learned to the world.

What courses did you enjoy the most? How does your study relate to your career?
I very enjoyed the course called “Wealth management in China", delivered by Dr. Jeffrey Yu. This course is about behavioural finance, which applied a different view to understand human behaviour in the real world. From this course, I learned that people are normal, who makes mistakes and are also affected by cognitive biases. This concept is different from the classic economics theory, which usually assumes individuals are rational. It helps me to think about individuals behaves in the real world from a different angle.

I also quite enjoyed other courses, such as “Derivative” by Professor Ralf Zurbrugg and Dr. Gary Tan, “Real estate management” by Dr. Limin Xu, “Corporate Finance” by Associate Professor Jean Canil. These courses build up my basic knowledge in finance.