Wafa Nasser Awadh Al Hadrami

Country: Oman
Degrees: Masters of Petroleum Engineering
Faculty: Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Scholarship: Home Country

Why Uni Adelaide?
I was attracted to the course because it is an intensive course which means I complete it in 1 year.  I researched the University of Adelaide and discovered it had an excellent reputation and great learning outcomes.

What did you know about Adelaide before you arrived?
I heard it was a calm and peaceful city which suited my needs.  I didn’t want to go to a bigger, more hectic city where I could be distracted from my studies.  I am really happy with my choice.  I love the fact the university is located so centrally and that shops and restaurants are close-by.

What do you like best about the University?
Facilities such as ‘The Hub’ and the Library.  There are lots of restaurants and cafes open on campus which is really handy.  The prayer room is handy too.

Were you apprehensive about studying here?
Not really.  I knew from friends who had studied here before me that the locals are friendly and that it was a multi-cultural city with lots of diverse cultures.

I love the fact the university is located so centrally and that shops and restaurants are close-by.

Wafa Nasser Awadh Al Hadrami

What do you like the most about living in Adelaide?
The weather! It makes it possible to walk everywhere.  At home we have to use cars because of the distance and the heat. I also like the fact it is a safe city and most people are very respectful. 

Has any lecturer really inspired you?
Yes, my petro-physics lecturer from last term was great.  He was friendly, highly educated, knowledgeable and with lots of industry experience.  He was happy to answer our questions no matter how silly they were. 

What do you do when not studying?
I jog, go shopping, have BBQ’s with my friends, go to the cinema or meet friends in coffee shops.

How will this experience help you when return to Oman?
I’ll be more educated from a practical and technical perspective.  I’m now more confident with working in groups and making presentations.  My English language skills have definitely improved and I have learnt to deal with diverse cultures.