Xinye Qi

Country: China
Degrees: Bachelor of Architectural Design (via Nantong Joint Education Program)
Faculty: Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Adelaide is a beautiful and vibrant city, and I will never be short of stories to share about living here.

Xinye Qi

Why did you choose Nantong - UoA program?
I have been interested in architecture since I was a child because my father worked architecture-related jobs. I have always believed that architecture lasts longer than people and that humans can leave their marks on the world through architecture, so I chose this major.

And I chose this project because it was a great platform to learn about the architecture I love from both China and Australia, and living in a new country was also an experience I really wanted to have.

Why did you choose the University of Adelaide?
My first consideration is, of course, the world ranking of the University of Adelaide, which I believe is a testament to the standard of education it offers. A more personal reason was the experience of a campus promotion seminar. I met a teacher at that seminar, and we had a great conversation. His ideas and how he guided students' thinking attracted me and sparked my interest in studying the program.

What student services have you accessed - were they helpful?
The most helpful service for me would be Ask Adelaide, which helped me with my luggage reimbursement when I first arrived in the city, and the staff were very patient and professional.

What courses did you enjoy the most? Why?
My favourite course would have to be the design course. Firstly it is a critical part of our professional studies, so I put a lot of effort into it. Secondly, the teachers in this course are very conscientious and responsible, and there is a lot of effective interaction in the class, so I get a lot of targeted guidance.

How do you think a degree from the University of Adelaide will help your future career?
I think the architecture major has prepared us for a wide range of potential careers. The courses we study are comprehensive so that we can develop our skills in various ways, so there are more diverse career options, whether it's going back to China or staying in Australia.

What are your most memorable student experiences? (e.g., clubs, events, festivals)
As an architecture student, I am delighted with the hardware facilities at the University of Adelaide. Our major relies a lot on computers and the classrooms are perfectly equipped to meet all our requirements. Secondly, I also like the way I communicate with my teachers. I can feel that they don't interfere too much with my ideas but rather guide me to find my own ways of thinking, while the teachers themselves are more of a support role, not a condescending tutor.

How have you adjusted to online learning?
I don't have much experience with online learning, and I am currently enjoying face-to-face learning.

What support services have you accessed – were they helpful?
The UOA IT staff are very professional and have solved many of my technical problems.

Do you prefer face to face or online learning? Why?
Still prefer offline of course, face-to-face communication is very important.

What are your most memorable student experiences?
There are many. Adelaide is a city of festivals, and I have been to many of them, such as food festivals and Ramadan. I mainly use Xiaohongshu (Instagram in China) to keep up with the latest events, and I've enjoyed those I've participated in. In addition to that, the student apartment I live in also organises many events, and I have made a lot of precious memories from them.

What do you like most about Adelaide?
The first person I thought of about this was my tutor, Kathy, who helped me with many study and life issues and helped me adapt and integrate into university life. I am very grateful to her. Secondly, I have also developed a hobby of skateboarding and many other fun sports. Adelaide's beautiful natural scenery, such as the fantastic sunsets, is another thing I love about the city.

What’s your future plan?
As I am only just now getting into this field, I don't have any specific plan for the future yet. I feel that at this moment, I am changing my mind all the time, and I want to keep more possibilities for my future.