Yang Cui

Yang Cui

Choosing the University of Adelaide to study a Masters of Applied Project Management was not hard at all for Yang - the multicultural environment combined with the prestige of studying at a Group of Eight university made the choice an easy one.

Adelaide is a very peaceful and quiet city compared to other cities in Australia and the living pace is relatively slow. It makes Adelaide a perfect place to study based on the city environment.Yang Cui

Yang remembers that the campus felt very big when he first arrived. He remembers getting lost on his first day but he notes that the staff and students were very friendly and helpful; assisting him to find buildings and classrooms and making him feel comfortable and welcome on campus.

Studying a Masters of Applied Project Management at the University of Adelaide allowed Yang to experience a global classroom which included many international and domestic students. Yang notes that many of his lecturers are experts in the field of Project Management and they used this experience to help their students understand the topics “while leaving enough space for students to think about how to apply those techniques in real life”.

The best thing about studying at the North Terrace campus for Yang is that the Professions Hub is quiet and available only to graduate level students in the Faculty of Professions. “The Hub has everything necessary for studying and resting purposes.”

When he’s not studying, Yang works part time, as well as volunteering as a Peer Mentor at the International Student Centre helping new international students.  In the future, Yang hopes to work in Adelaide in Project Management, as well as network with business and people.