Meet the Mentors

The International Peer Mentors are a wonderful group of University of Adelaide students who volunteer their time to help new and continuing international students.

Here's what they have to say about their interests and being part of the International Peer Mentor program.


Hi everyone! I am Akshayaa, pursuing Master of Applied Project Management (Project Systems). I am from Chennai, India. I am a professional dancer and teacher of the beautiful Indian art form Bharatnatyam which I have had the privilege of learning for the past 18 years. I love reading books, traveling, and exploring the road less traveled. I am a fun-loving person with lots of energy who is very keen in meeting new people. As an international student I can relate well to the tough transitions one has to go through while settling down which is one of the primary reasons why I am here, helping you ease in and have a great time. Looking forward to a beautiful journey with all of you!!!


Hi everyone! Welcome to University life. My name is Angelika and I am currently studying the Bachelor of Teaching with the Bachelor of Arts at the University of Adelaide. As a domestic student, I hope to inform you of the breathtaking views and adventure Adelaide has to offer. Coming from a Greek family in which the virtue of hospitality was ingrained within me from a young age, I hope to make each International student feel welcome and a valued member of the university community. My passions include language learning, hiking, playing soccer, growing veggies, reading and exploring. I welcome the opportunity to meet you and learn your story. Let me know what I can do for you. See you soon.


Hi everyone! I am Ankush from India. I am currently studying in the second year of my Master of Data Science. I worked as Software Development Engineer before coming to Adelaide almost a year ago. When I am not studying, I enjoy hiking and Adelaide has some wonderful hills and gardens to explore. I also enjoy cooking different cuisines, sketching and crocheting. The university offers some great programs for international students to engage and become part of the community, and that’s how I came across the International Peer Mentor program. I look forward to meeting everyone on campus and hope you all have a wonderful time at the uni!


Hello, everyone! My name is Arun. I was born and raised in New Delhi, India. I am now in my third trimester of MBA Marketing degree. I work as a freelance graphic designer. I enjoy making sketches, caricatures, 3D art, and other forms of art. I  arrived in Adelaide in January 2022 after spending the previous two years abroad. Now that I've lived both offshore and onshore, I can say that I've had a taste of both. I understand the difficulties that international students encounter both online and offline. I'd love to share my experiences with new overseas students and assist them in any way I can to make their transition to move in Adelaide as smooth as possible. Come say hi if you see me and if  you enjoy sketching, we'll have some fun sketching and chilling sessions.


Hi there! My name is Anneliese and I’m from a nearby town called Victor Harbor. I’m in my third year of a Bachelor of Languages, majoring in French and linguistics. I love studying and reading but outside of my time at Uni I spend a lot of time hanging out with my friends and family, dancing or being active. I’m passionate about travelling and learning new things (especially languages) so I am very excited to meet everybody this year. When I was 15 I did 6 months of school in Italy so I have some in being an international student, I’m looking forward to helping you feel at home in Adelaide- I think it is a wonderful city.


G'day everyone! My name is Bellah Xu, I am originally from southern China and I've spent my adolescence in Australia. I understand exactly how international students feel when they come to a new country to pursue their studies, and if you need, I will be more than happy to share some cultural knowledge with you about Australia since I am familiar with the life here. I am currently studying the Bachelor of Secondary Education with the Bachelor of Arts. I enjoy volunteering, singing, playing guitar and ice skating in my free time. As a new International Peer Mentor, I am thrilled to connect with and help new international students, with my extroverted and easygoing nature. If you see me around, please come and say hi, I will love to get to know you! I look forward to meeting a lot of you at the future ISS events, and I wish you all the best for your life in Adelaide!


Hello everyone! I'm Candice. I'm a third-year student doing Bachelor of International Relations and Bachelor of Arts (economics). I have been in Adelaide for 1 year. I enjoy travelling and music. I join IPM because I like meeting new people especially people from different background. Before I also join many events and activities host by the IPM so I'm looking froward to take part in organising it. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi there! My name is Christopher and I’m a local student completing my last semester of a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Computer Science. In my spare time, I enjoy playing classical music, geeking out with my friends over the latest sci-fi or fantasy series and getting active on the dance floor or in the gardens and hills around the city. I joined the IPM team at the start of 2022 after my own overseas study experience and enjoyed it so much, I had to stay on for my final semester. It’s an absolute delight and honour to work with international students, new and old; helping them settle into life in Australia, make friends, and have a great study experience. I look forward to meeting many of you at upcoming ISS events and wish you an amazing time here in Adelaide!


Hi! My name is Darvesh and I'm studying a Bachelor of Applied Data Analytics, currently in my second year. I came to Adelaide from New Delhi in February last year. I love hanging out with my friends, exploring new places, and meeting new people from different backgrounds. I'm really excited to be a part of the Team as it will be great way to guide incoming students to the totally new and amusing uni lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to come say hi if you see me! We are here to help you throughout the year!


Hi, I am Dat from Viet Nam. I'm currently second year in Bachelor of Biotechnology. Apart from Biology and Chemistry, I also know a fair bit about Statistics and Data Science - just in case you need someone to rant about your courses-of-choice.
Aside from academics, I'm much interested in martial arts, nature, fishing, cooking, games (I mean, who doesn't?), manga, and satire comedy. I'm not the talkative one, but I take pride in being a good listener. I would love for us to share our stories, and I'm always willing to support you in getting used to the international students' lifestyle.


G'day! My name is Hongyu and Declan is my English name. I am an international student from China and study the second year of my Bachelor of Computer Science. I am so pleased that you make a wise decision to start your university journey with us at the University of Adelaide. As staying in Adelaide for about four years, I would like to share some interesting facts about this beautiful and vibrant city and share some stories regarding how to adapt the cultural differences. Outside of studying, I love reading a variety of books in different areas, like novels, management and self-improvement. Meanwhile, exploring natural Australia with my great hiking skill allows me to understand the culture of Australia profoundly. The year 2023 is a great year, not only did some of you join our large university community, but also our IPM will stand by you if you need some support. I am looking forward to seeing you at any time anywhere in Adelaide.


Hellooo...! I am Dileepa from Sri Lanka and am a student reading for PhD in Computer Science. I love volunteering, photography, music and spending time with people as I find it a great way to escape academics. Throughout the one and half years of IPM journey, I’m happy that I got the opportunity to share my experience with commencing students providing tips and tricks at their beginning of the university life as I know moving to another country and starting ground up is not always easy. But I promise that you’ll fall in love with Adelaide before long gone. I wish you all the very best with your studies and hops you enjoy being in Adelaide as much as I do. :)


Hey there! My name is Disha and I’m from the sunny island of Singapore! I’m in my second year studying a Bachelor of Applied Data Analytics with a specialisation in Economics. Outside of my degree, I’m a bit of a musical theatre geek (Stephen Sondheim ruled my Spotify Wrapped) and I always enjoy good comedy (especially from different parts of the world! It’s so nice when people from different backgrounds can relate to and laugh about things in common- which means I’m definitely open to any good recs😉). I also love travelling, exploring new places and meeting new people from different backgrounds which is why I’m incredibly excited to be a part of the IPM program this year! Adelaide has so many international students and the opportunity to share experiences while we all (domestic and international) journey through university life is so special! If you ever see me around campus, feel free to say hi, I’d love to meet you! 😃


Hi there!! I’m Ellyn from Malaysia, Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science student. I’ve always had interest in exploring the impact of food and nutrition on the human body. The International Peer Mentor program has been a great opportunity to learn, cooperate and connect with friends around the world! Running events as a team have been really challenging and fulfilling experiences. That’s why, I always cherish chances of making differences in many ways ;)


Hi! I am Pornthip from Thailand, you can call me Fang. I am currently in my first year of a Master of Computing and Innovation. Aside from studying, I work several part-time jobs, volunteer, participate in events, do freelance graphic design, and educate students on my YouTube channel and my own website. In my spare time, I enjoy playing my Thai instrument, playing sports, painting, photographing, and traveling. I enjoy talking to people from different backgrounds and learning from them. I love volunteering and helping others. The International Peer Mentor Program is ideal for me since it allows me to enhance my interpersonal skills, meet new people, and help others. I have participated in a number of activities and volunteered. So, if you see me around, please say hello and ask me anything. I would be happy to assist you in any way I can. I wish you the best of luck in your amazing university life!


Hello, I'm 宗瀚 from China. You can call me Han. I am coming to my last semester of my undergraduate studies in Accounting and Corporate Finance.  I joined the international peer mentor family in 2021. When I'm not studying or working, I like to study different types of wines and try to experience their different flavors. I am also a member of the University of Adelaide Basketball Club and have represented the University in the SA Challenge, winning the championship with my team. Within the IPM family, I have the opportunity to work with international students from different countries and cultures, which has helped me to develop my international perspective and ability to work in a diverse team, for which I am very grateful.


Hi everyone! My name is Hira and I'm an international student from Indonesia where one of our islands, Bali is one of the hype for tourists from all over the world! I'm currently in my second year of my bachelor of Health and Medical Science Advance, majoring in public health. Still, I also have an interest towards data analytics and data science which have a little bit of relation towards my degree. I am personally an indoor person, I love spending my own time with myself and with those closest to me, but I love running outdoors! Especially running on the track near Torrens River, just behind the uni. I'm a new IPM for 2023 and I've been excited about being an IPM since the first time I planned to enrol at the uni. Other than it is beneficial for my personal development, being an IPM is really rewarding and I want to be a part of a community that can help and give people some sparks throughout their life, especially international students. My main motivation is to help those through the challenges of adapting to a new environment like what I have faced before. I'm excited to meet everyone and I hope you guys settle well!


Hi everyone! My name is Joshua Niles, and I am in my honors year of a Bachelor of Psychology (adv) Honours. I am from Sri Lanka. I love playing football, reading books, watching tv shows and spending time with my friends. I also enjoy connecting with people from diverse cultures and hearing about their experiences (and trying out their food Haha!). As a continuing IPM I am really looking forward to connecting with and supporting the international student community. Do not hesitate to come by and say hi, if you see me around campus. Let me know how I can best support you! I would love to grab a coffee with you.


Hi there! I'm Joyce, nice to meet you! Right now, I'm in my final year of the Bachelor of Teaching and the Bachelor of Arts.  I'm originally from China, but I have been living in Adelaide for over ten years. In Adelaide, you get to see people from all over the place, and I love meeting and making new friends from different cultures. In my free time, I enjoy seeing friends, playing games, and watching sitcoms. I'm also trying to get into volleyball and tennis, so feel free to ask me how that's going and possibly beat me in a match... I hope I can help you make your university life a memorable one!


Hey! I’m Leann, from Hong Kong. I am currently a final year environmental engineering student. I am passionate about engaging peers and connecting with people with different backgrounds, and excited to still be with the International Peer Mentor family in my final semester. Here we develop ourselves and make friends along the journey. I am a totally sporty person, I play tennis, go swimming, jogging and do lots of other sports! I am quite active in different campus programs, such as SET organisations and AUU volunteering programs. Surely come have a chat with me if you are planning or interested in expanding your networks on campus! Uni is challenging but you are going to love it! And we are here to help so feel free to say hi if you see us around campus!


Hello everyone, I’m Leo and a chemical Engineering student. I’m from Vietnam. I have been in Adelaide since 2019 and I love it so much. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions when you guys see us.

During my free time, I love hanging out with friends and talking to different people, especially people have different culture. Therefore, becoming an International Peer Mentor (IPM) is such a wonderful opportunity to learn more about different countries and create a beautiful International student community in campus. See you guys around in campus 😊


Hi! My name is Leyan and I am doing my final year of Bachelor of Science (wildlife conservation) program. I come from China mainland, Anhui province. It is my second year of being an IPM and it’s very interesting to visit so many people from different cultures! For the past two years I worked both online and offline to help everyone join the university life. During my spare time, I am fond of cartoons! Drawing cartoon characters is one of my favorite hobbies. And, I am a animal fan! I welcome to meet you all and providing any help you need!


Hey there! My name is Lucy, and I'm a local student in my 4th year of a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences and Bachelor of Arts (Advanced), majoring in Sociology and Politics and International Relations. I've spent a lot of my life overseas, growing up in Tanzania (East Africa) and Myanmar (South East Asia), so I feel most at home among people of all cultures. I'm a people person. You can catch me hanging out with friends, baking, hiking, playing soccer, salsa dancing, or op shopping. I'm excited to join the IPM program and help grow a community as we learn about each other's worlds, and explore the world within Adelaide!


Cheers, Y'all! I am Mai, a first-year student studying Bachelor of Computer Science. Even though I major in computers, I like it better when we understand human languages :)). When I'm not hitting the book, I love a variety of interests, such as playing sports, hiking, volunteering, going outside, and socializing! I am excited to become an International Peer Mentors (IPM) to connect with people from different backgrounds to learn about cultures. I am on campus almost every day so if you see me around, come say "Hi!" - I would love to get to know you.


Hi, this is Jingyu but you may call me Mila. My master's degree is in Electrical Engineering and I have completed my first year. I am delighted to participate in the international peer mentor program, which provides companionship and motivation to international students to explore this lovely university. My hometown is Yunnan, China, cultural diversity there enabled me to understand cultural differences and facilitate intercultural communication. All sorts of strange food there also made me interested in trying new flavors. Come to me if you'd like to find out more about uni or fine food in Adelaide.


Hi, my name is Nikhil and I am from New Delhi, India and currently studying Master of Business Administration specializing in Marketing. I am one of the continuing senior IPM for the year 2023. Arriving in Adelaide and being a part of the IPM family has been one of the things I am grateful for. Taking responsibility face-to-face has been a new and wonderful experience for me. It has helped me overcome my shy nature, meet new people, make friends and most importantly that real connection with students and staff members. I am really looking forward to meeting you all. If you see me in campus “don’t feel shy, just come say hi” ... Haha I hope this line rhymes.


Hi everyone, I am Nisha from Kenya and I am currently undertaking Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences (Advanced) and I am in my final year. I completed my first year online and moved to Adelaide one year ago. I love playing badminton and netball, going to the beach, exploring and watching movies. I understand how daunting it is to transit from high school to a university life and I am more than happy that I got an opportunity to become an IPM so that I can help students to transit in the university life smoothly. Just to be there to remind students that is okay to feel new and everything has a solution. It can be challenging to juggle all the aspects of life while studying and having a support around can make things flow better and that’s where an IPM can come and listen to the students struggle and together find a way out. Students shouldn’t hesitate at all and just come and ask about anything they are struggling with and we will always be there for them:)


Hi! My name is Patrick from Indonesia. I am a third year in Bachelor of Computer Sciences. I studied online for 1.5 years and the rest in Adelaide. I enjoy reading manga, playing video games plus sports, and cooking. I know it can be tough to adjust to a new environment and we are here to help. If any of you would like to ask about uni life or anything, feel free to ask me.


Hi guys! My name is Pragya. Though I was born in India, I have been brought up in Singapore. I proudly speak Hindi fluently, along with of course our dear old friend, English. I am a 2nd-year Computer Science student. I have just completed 1st semester of the 2nd year, and still figuring out which major to choose in CS. It's all so wonderful and beautifully challenging; I mean how to choose?! Other than studying and volunteering, I spend quite some time cooking and trying new dishes; it's usually calming. Not to mention, I'm excited about being an IPM. I look forward to offering the same kind of support and help I received when I arrived in Adelaide.  


Hellowww besties, āyubōwan! I am Pumudi from Sri Lanka currently reading my masters in Electronic Engineering (sounds fancy right :P). I worked in the Telecommunication industry for 1 and half years before starting my masters and planning to develop my knowledge further in the field with this masters. I moved to Adelaide in 6 months back and I am loving it here. I am a proud owner of a clingy Great Dane (literally a gentle giant) and loveee any kind of dogs to be honest. Outside studies my favourite thing to do is making cakes and decorating them. It's therapy for me.....

When I first moved here, I was super nervous and homesick because I've never been apart from my family. After few weeks I realised the university offers so many opportunities for us in order to have continuous engagement with others and that is when I found the International Peer Mentor program. I joined the peer mentoring team so that I could share my experiences with you, understand your perspectives as an international student, and do my best to assist you. If you see me around the campus please come and say hello maybe we can go and eat cake.... Enjoy your uni life and shine bright!


Hello! My name is Rahul, and I am in my second year of Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (Advanced) degree. I am originally from India, but you. My fun time activities include, but are not limited to, playing chess, reading books and manga, philosophy, working out and running, hiking, tasting wine, and more recently, learning Japanese. I also enjoy meeting new people, exposing myself to new cultures and having new experiences since it makes me a more well-rounded individual.

I originally joined the IPM program to better help students settle in, socialise, and get involved in the community, but I have found that it is also an amazing opportunity develop a range of interpersonal skills, and work together in diverse groups. I hope you’re doing well, and feel free to holler at me if you’re up for a chat, or even if you’re introverted and hate casual conversation!


Hello! I'm Reazus. I'm an international student from Bangladesh in pursuit of a bachelor's degree in Economics. I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures! Therefore, when I'm not working or focusing on my studies, you will find me volunteering for various causes. Aside from that, I also enjoy cooking and snapping photos. Being away from home can be stressful and overwhelming, thus I am looking forward to helping new students and hopefully making new friends along the way!


Heyya:) Welcome to Uni Adelaide! Here’s Rebecca, currently doing 1st year Master of Computing and innovation program. I love dancing, doing outdoor activities and watering my plants in my free time. I have been in Australia for more than 4 years, as an international student, I understand it’s challenge to kickstart fresh life in a new city, so feel free to reach out, we are here to help you and support you through your journey.

I’m very excited to join the IPM program in 2023, I love the diversity in the university and getting connect to different people, I hope you feel welcomed in the uni and have lots of memorable experiences.


Hello! I am Roshni and I am from Hyderabad, India. I’m currently pursuing my MBA in Marketing at the university. Starting the course amidst the pandemic was a little tough, but coming to the campus has been exciting, giving me the opportunity to holistically develop skills, and embrace diversity in all aspects of life. I have always loved interacting with people and joining the International Peer Mentor program is the perfect opportunity to learn, make connections and nurture cultural diversity. I’m around the Business School usually, so if you see me around, feel free to drop by and say hello :) I look forward to seeing you all. Make the most of your uni experience guys! :)"


Hey everyone, I am Sana Vohra and I’m an international student from India. I have just started Honours in Bachelors of Psychological Science. I am a very outgoing and social person who loves to meet new people and learn about their culture. I am also really good at striking up conversations with people I don’t know (talkative much?). In my free time, I like going out, especially to the beach, listening to music and painting. To become an IPM meant that I could try and make your journey in Adelaide a little smoother, better, and happier. I understand how tough it can be when you’re so far away from home, so if there’s anything I could help you with, feel free to get in touch! Welcome to those who’ve recently joined uni and I hope you’re ready to have the time of your lives here!


Hi! My name is Savannah, and I am from Hong Kong. I am a second-year student studying Bachelor of Computer Science. In my spare time, I enjoy playing games, watching Netflix, listening to music and doing outdoor activities. I am really excited about joining the IPM program and I look forward to meeting new people from different backgrounds. As an IPM, I hope to help international students settle into life in Adelaide and have them feel welcomed and involved in the university. I too, am an international student, and I may have gone through similar issues that you are going through now, so please don’t hesitate to seek help. I am always happy to help!


Hello everyone, I am Savini, and I am from Sri Lanka. You can call me Savi. I am currently studying for my Master's in Computer Science. I am a huge sports fan and in particular a basketball fanatic and that’s what I do during my free time, I watch NBA matches. If you are a hardcore NBA fan, we should definitely talk about it! Well, not just NBA, I am into all sorts of sports so we can talk about the sport you like and maybe you can tell me all about it if it’s a sport I don’t know of.

When I first came to Adelaide, I was a bit homesick for some time, but I overcame it and that is by talking to people about how I feel. My one advice for anyone is to talk to people and you will find out different perspectives and most importantly you will understand that every worry is temporary and that there is ALWAYS a solution and a way out of all the problems we think of and dwell upon so much. So do not bottle things up, pour your heart out to people you are close with and of course make new friends and make new connections and your university life will be much more amazing and enjoyable. That is exactly why I wanted to join the IPM program as that will help me to connect with more people and I would be able to make new friends and at the same time I can share my experience as an international student with new international students who might find things a bit overwhelming at first just like how I did initially.


Hello everyone! I am Shreetha and am pursuing my Master of Biotechnology (Biomedical). I am from Chennai, Southern India. In my free time, I love to read books mostly related to history, mythology or theology and I love to dance, trust me we'll have great fun dancing during the events. I was looking for a means to keep myself connected while studying and that's how I came across the International Peer Mentor programme. I adore the part where I get to talk about my experience and help others in any way possible, just like I was given direction when I was new here. In addition, this programme gave me the chance to make a lot of friends.


Hi! everyone~ My name is Sojung and I’m from Korea. I tend to be compassionate and would like to help you guys as an International Peer Mentor. I’m very interested in diverse cultures and countries and like to be open-minded to different insights. The degree I’m currently in is Veterinary Bioscience. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need any help at university. Adelaide also has very beautiful nature to offer. I hope you can navigate the beautiful nature as well :)).


Hello Everyone! My name is Taher and I’m doing my masters in International Management. I come from Indore, India, a peaceful city to live in located in the central part of India. It feels great to be a part of the IPM program this year and I am looking forward to great adventures together with the team. I love playing and discussing cricket and have recently started to follow soccer as well. I have been in Adelaide for a year now and so I understand the different challenges that International Students face. If you are looking for someone to just talk, feel free to come up to me. I’d love to share my experiences with new students and help them in any way possible. Let me know if I can be of any help. See you soon.


I am Taseef, originally from Bangladesh, but I lived in Malaysia before arriving in beautiful South Australia… without any winter clothing. Big mistake! I am an overseas dentist and am in my first year of PhD at the Adelaide Dental School, University of Adelaide. Alongside IPM, I am a proud Academic Integrity Ambassador and Children's University Volunteer. I am a tech enthusiast, I love travelling, playing video games, and lollygagging! I am also terrible at sports, but that has never stopped me from trying and failing spectacularly! I joined IPM to learn from other cultures, partake in the organisation of mesmerising events, and share my own ‘unique’ experiences, like being rammed by a pigeon at Rundle Mall, attacked by ducks at South Terrace, and chased by a White Ibis at the Botanic Gardens… Life is beautiful!


Hii guys, I'm Vaiyshnavi and i'm from Singapore. I'm currently doing my bachelors in Veterinary Bioscience here at the University :) i guess its clear from my degree course where my passion lies, animals!!. Yes your right!! I am also obsessed with beaches and mountains, where the natural scenery is just breathtaking! I'm a proffesional ten pin bowler and have been bowling since i was seven. I'm always looking forward to meet new people from different walks of life and backgrounds, can't wait to meet everyone!! 😊


Hello everyone! Welcome to university life. My name is Yan,  I come from Beijing, China. I am currently studying for a master of marketing degree (first year) at the University of Adelaide. My passions include watching movies, growing veggies, swimming and yoga. I would be honoured to meet you, chat and walk around the campus together. I hope that your time in Adelaide will be one of the best memories of your life. I look forward to meeting many of you at upcoming ISS events and wish you a fantastic time here in Adelaide!


Hi! I’m Yirui, or you can call me Yuri:) I’m from Beijing, China and have been in Adelaide for 5 years. This is my third year of studying Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Teaching. My major is Maths and minor is French. I enjoy sketching outside studying. I often do some charcoal drawings in my free time. I always remember and feel thankful to previous IPM volunteers who helped me through orientation and other events when I was totally a freshman at Uni. This drives me to become one of them to pass this warmth and help other international students who just like me before. Enjoy your stay in Adelaide, which is one of the most liveable cities in the world!