Talking with Aussies Volunteer Application Form

A volunteer program for conversation, connection, and cultural exchange.

If you would like to join the program as a volunteer who meets for an hour a week for casual English conversation with an international student, please complete the online application below.

Please note that the Talking with Aussies program is designed to allow international students to practise their conversational English with fluent English speakers. Students therefore expect their conversation partner to be a fluent, though not necessarily a native, English speaker.

After completing this application form, you will then be prompted to register for an information session on the North Terrace campus of the University, in which you will meet the program coordinator and find out more about the program.

Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older for insurance purposes. Please note that all volunteer applicants will be required to receive a DHS screening check, which the University will arrange for free prior to program commencement.

For enquiries:
Phone: 8313 4828


Personal details
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Is English your native language?
You are welcome to join Talking with Aussies as long as you can speak English fluently. Please note, however, that most international students prefer to be matched with a native speaker of English, and that it therefore may take a little longer to match you if you are a non-native speaker of English. It is also important that your email communication contains no errors.
Preferences relating to student(s)
Please indicate whether you have any preferences relating to your student's country of origin, native language, area of study, or gender.
Please provide the names and contact details for 2 referees. 
Final comments
Please read the program terms and conditions and insurance guide before submitting your application. A video version and short presentation of these terms and conditions is also available.