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The University's Accommodation Service is responsible for supporting students in finding an accommodation option that best suits their needs.

Accommodation is the largest variable cost - $90 is an average cost of shared private accommodation outside of the city centre, whereas $190 is for University-managed or rental accommodation often within the city centre.

Please note: that there can be very large set-up costs associated with private accommodation that are not applicable to University-managed accommodation.

Pre-arrival costs

Item Cost ($AUD)
Refundable deposit for University managed rental accommodation (if applicable) $500

Post-arrival costs

All students
Item Cost ($AUD)
Rent in advance Two weeks
Household setup (linen, groceries, etc) $500
Remainder of tuition fee Refer to offer letter
For private accommodation options only
Item Cost ($AUD)
Refundable accommodation deposit Four to six weeks' rent
Electricity and gas deposit and connection charges $38 - $72
Telephone connection charge (landline) $59 - $299
Furniture and household goods $1000+