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LCE Terms & Conditions

LCE is intended to be a fun, educational, and enjoyable experience.

By participating in the program you are agreeing to the following guidelines and responsibilities.

  • Demonstrate mutual respect to your language partner(s) at all times, particularly in relation to their cultural values, gender, and political or religious affiliations.
  • Initial meetings should take place in an appropriate public space within or near the University (e.g. go somewhere for a coffee). Subsequent meeting places should always be where both parties feel comfortable and safe. It is recommended that you meet at a place where you could easily talk to and listen to your language partner(s).
  • If you cannot make an arranged meeting please notify your lanuage partner directly, ahead of time. Please note that International Student Support is not responsible for passing on messages between partners.
  • All conversation topics and activities should be agreed to by both parties. Inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour and/or attitudes will not be tolerated and will result in instant termination of participation.
  • If you feel uncomfortable about any aspect of your language partnership(s), or encounter any problems in relation to the LCE program, please contact the Coordinator of the LCE program at International Student Support for advice and assistance. Please do not feel you have to continue if problems cannot be solved. Examples of problems include, your partner repeatedly not turning up for meetings, or feeling uncomfortable with your partner.
  • Language partners are not to write assignments on behalf of another student. Any evidence of such activity will be regarded as academic plagiarism and formal action will be taken.
  • The program is not to be used to advertise or recruit for any other associations or groups for religious or political causes.
  • The program will run for the duration of the academic year so participation requires a minimum commitment of one semester.
  • If you have to withdraw from the program for any reason, please advise your language partner(s) as soon as possible. You are also required to notify the LCE Project Officer at International Student Support. In some instances a follow-up email or meeting with the LCE Project Officer may be requested.
  • If your phone number or email address changes please notify your language partner as well as the LCE Project Officer at International Student Support.
  • The University of Adelaide will provide your name, telephone number, email address, hobbies/interests to your language partner(s).
  • Any participant who does not comply with the above guidelines and responsibilities may be removed from the LCE program.

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