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University Statement

University merger discussions – Important information

Dear students and valued agents, 学生及代理伙,

As has been reported recently, the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia have announced we are jointly consulting on the benefits of creating a new, world-class university through merging. 近期,阿德莱德大学与南澳大学 联合提出两所大学合并的提案,就打造一所全新的世界级大学广泛征询意见与建议 .

The following information is important for all students wishing to undertake study at the University of Adelaide over the coming years: 有意愿在未来几年前来阿德莱德大学求学的学生,以下所涉及信息非常重要 :

  • No decision to merge has been made, and that decision is not expected until December 2018. 截至目前尚未做出两所大学合并的任何决定,这一进程将一直持续至201812.
  • Current students, new students who enrol in 2019, or students who enter into a pathway to study at the University of Adelaide in 2019, will not be affected by this announcement. 读学生、2019年入读新生及同年从桥梁课程升学至阿德莱德大学的学生,将不受此提议影.
  • These students will be able to complete the degree they have enrolled in, and receive a testamur/parchment from the University of Adelaide. 以上学生顺利完成所修读学位课程,其最终学位证及成绩单将来自于阿德莱德大学 .
  • The University of Adelaide has a strong reputation as a world-class University and is in the top 150 on all of the major ranking schemes. 阿德莱德大学作为世界知名院校,在当下所有排名体系中均 稳居世界前150.
  • If a merger were to proceed, it would be on the basis of creating an even stronger, world-class university with an overall improvement in world rankings.  如合并提 议生效,这将为打造一所更为强大、更具有排名竞争力的大学,打下坚实基础 .

It is business as usual for the University of Adelaide. There will be no immediate impact on the University's teaching and research, the academic programs our students are currently studying, or their scholarships. 阿德莱德大学一切如常,教学及科研、学生修 习的学术课程及奖学金,均不会因此而受到直接影响.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or visit our FAQ webpage at 如有任何问题,请联系访问相关问询网页以寻求答案.