Academic Policies

Before you begin studying it is important to be aware of our universities Academic policies and procedures. See student policies for an overview.


See our University's assessment policies, as well as the rules surrounding examinations.

Academic progress

The University monitors the academic progress to ensure that help is offered to those who are experiencing difficulties as early as possible.

The Universities Academic Progress policy requires students to maintain satisfactory academic progress. This is a student visa condition. Lack of academic progress may result in exclusion from studies which will effect the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and possibly your student visa. It is important to be aware of the Academic Progress policy and seek help when required.

Academic honesty and copyright

The University respects intellectual property and copyright laws. Plagiarism is taken very seriously and will result in serious consequences.

It is important that you understand what plagiarism is and cheating. Know how to appropriately cite and reference work in your assignments. Ignorance of the rules is not accepted, as all departments will bring the policies and their requirements to your attention.

If you have trouble understanding the referencing system in your area, you can speak to your faculty office or to the Writing Centre for more information.