From motorsports fan to mechanical engineer student

Making the switch from on-campus to online study was an adjustment for Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours) student Jeff (Zefeng) Huang. Currently studying offshore in China, Zefeng offers his advice for staying motivated and shares what he is most looking forward upon his return to Adelaide.  

Jeff Huang

Why did you choose your degree?

I have been a huge motorsports fan since the age of 8 which has a strong correlation with mechanical engineering.

Why did you choose the University of Adelaide?

I was previously studying at the University Senior College which has a strong connection with the University of Adelaide prior to commencing my bachelor’s degree.

What are you enjoying most about your degree?

I find the collaboration between me, other students and tutors when solving various engineering problems most enjoyable.

How have you adjusted to online learning?

The biggest change is that I used to go straight to my lecturer’s office to ask any questions I had about my study. Nowadays, I have to ask them via email, so any problems regarding assignments need to be raised and solved several days before the deadline.

What support services have you accessed – were they helpful?

I have used Studiosity to help with my assignment writing, they managed to help me rectify problems with my word selection and grammar.

What advice would you give to other international students starting their studies online?

It is important to maintain a consistent schedule of watching online lectures as it is extremely easy to be distracted by other entertainments whilst being at home.

What are the top 3 things you are looking forward to when you arrive in Adelaide?

  1. Reunite with my friends at the sport clubs
  2. Being able to work together with students and lecturers in real life
  3. Living away from my family

How do you think a degree from The University of Adelaide will assist your future career?

We have learnt many engineering problem-solving techniques which will be helpful. Additionally, various project management tools were also learned and could be applied in a business setting.

What is your job role now or what are your plans for the future?

I will start my Masters of Mechanical Engineering in Semester 2 this year. I am looking forward to gaining work experience once I return to Adelaide.  

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