Adelaide PhD alumna takes on global career

Since graduating from the University of Adelaide in 2019 with a PhD in Finance, Dr. Alex (Lan) Nguyen’s career has gone from strength to strength. Now a successful researcher and academic at Vin University in Vietnam, Dr. Nguyen shares how her research at Adelaide helped set her up for global success.

Dr. Alex Nguyen

Why did you choose your degree?

Since I wanted to become a lecturer, it is a requirement to have a PhD degree, so I decided to go for it.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Adelaide?

The first reason is because Adelaide Uni belongs to the Group of Eight; the top universities in Australia. So I believe the education quality at Adelaide Uni is very high. The second reason is because I was offered a very generous scholarship from the university – the Beacon of Enlightenment PhD Scholarship.

What is your job role now and how did your studies prepare you?

I am currently a Senior Lecturer and Interim Program Director for the Bachelor of Business Administration at Vin University in Hanoi, Vietnam.

During my PhD, I worked as the tutor in charge of a discipline in the Adelaide Business School. My roles varied from delivering tutorials, preparing Canvas (online platform), consulting students, and making exam papers and assignments.

How do you think a degree from The University of Adelaide has assisted you to gain employment?

First, my PhD supervisors have done an excellent job in training me to be an independent researcher who has mastered all necessary research skills including literature review, data curation, data analysis, and academic writing. Thanks to my supervisors, my academic writing has improved and is one of my competitive advantages to gain employment.

Second, the tutoring experience at Adelaide Business School allowed me to have international teaching experience (with great student feedback) and the ability to work comfortably within Canvas (online platform). This is highly appreciated by my current employer.

Finally, I think the reputation of Adelaide Uni has also partially contributed to my ability to get a job quite easily in Vietnam.Dr. Alex Nguyen

What unique attributes from your degree has assisted you in your career?

I can think of two attributes: First, I had the best supervisors who not only developed me into a capable researcher but were also great sources of inspiration for me in my academic career.

Second, it’s the fact that my main supervisor required me to take 5 PhD courses (some of which are tailor-made to that badge of PhD students) helping me to develop all the necessary multidisciplinary skills and knowledge to pursue my own research in different topics.

What advice would you give to students looking to get into your industry?

Try to learn as much as possible from the BEST people in your field.

Overall, how would you describe your time at the University of Adelaide?

The University of Adelaide had provided me with the most precious opportunity to develop myself as a capable researcher and passionate lecturer. I am very thankful for the great support and mentorship of my supervisors as well as the opportunity to access a wide variety of valuable databases. PhD life was always full of ups and downs, but I was lucky to always have the best guidance and sharing from my supervisors.

The quiet and peaceful life I had in Adelaide with my dear friends was a beautiful and memorable time that I may not have the chance to experience again. My time at Adelaide University is indeed an exciting chapter of my life that I always feel thankful for whenever I look back.

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