Transition to 3 Faculty Model

The global education sector has undergone a period of great upheaval throughout the pandemic. In response to this, the University of Adelaide has reviewed its current Faculty structure and has made a number of changes. 

Barr Smith Library

Commencing Monday 28 March 2022, the University will reduce the number of Faculties from five to three. This involves:

  • Merging the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Professions to create the new Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics
  • Merging the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of ECMS to create the new Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology
  • The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences will remain the same

This represents an exciting time for the University as the establishment of a three faculty model will build on our existing strengths, reduce the barriers to interdisciplinary collaboration and provide greater equity of access to professional service resources across the University.

Students will still have access to the same support and personal guidance from Faculty staff under the new model. This includes help with study plans, enrolment, program support and more.

For further questions regarding Faculty-specific services and support, please contact the International Recruitment Team.

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