Navigating online study with Marketing student Qingyi Wang

Currently studying offshore in China, Master of Marketing student Qingyi Wang shares her experience and top tips for other students thinking of starting their studies online.  

Home study

In light of the pandemic travel restrictions many universities including the University of Adelaide, have pivoted their learning and teaching to a virtual environment, allowing students such as Qingyi to continue their studies online whilst they wait for borders to reopen. 

Starting her Bachelor of Accounting in 2016 at the University of Adelaide, Qingyi fell in love with the city, having the opportunity to study on campus and meet a great circle of friends. Following on from her undergraduate degree, Qingyi enrolled in a Master of Marketing in 2020, starting her studies offshore with the plan to return to Australia as soon as possible to continue on campus. 

Why did you choose your degree?

Accounting is a scientific subject and the accounting profession is a very useful technique. Studying accounting can lead you to a clear career direction in the future as the accounting department is the core of most enterprises.
As for marketing, it exists everywhere in people’s lives. Specifically, marketing cultivates good business morality and marketing ethics, which is necessary for a business student to explore.

Why did you choose the University of Adelaide?

I chose the University of Adelaide because it is very popular in academia with powerful and outstanding sources for students. Secondly, the University of Adelaide has cultivated a lot of talented people which really attracts me to study here. Lastly, the University of Adelaide is located in a wonderful and peaceful city, which I really love; I really enjoyed living and studying there. 

How have your adjusted to Online Learning?

I think it is pretty easy for me to adjust and adapt to online learning. Although some students may resist studying online, there are still many advantages to online study, and trust me that every student can achieve a desirable result if they work hard on it.

What support have you received for online learning?

FortiClient (online documentation library) and Zoom are very useful services that the University provides for us, they have helped me to simulate my normal study pattern efficiently.

What advice would you give to other students thinking about getting started online?

I would like to tell them to have a positive frame of mind for studying online. Also, be patient and having faith in our University, as the University is always caring and staying with us.Qingyi Wang

What are you most looking forward to when you come to Adelaide?

I will never forget my first visit to this university in 2016. In the University, I not only met many friendly philosophy professors but also I met the best classmates who worked hard with me. Firstly, I will go back to my beautiful campus, because I really miss the historic buildings and modern facilities on the campus. And secondly, I am looking forward to face-to-face communication and cooperation with my friendly teachers and students. 

How do you think a degree from The University of Adelaide will assist your future career?

Nowadays, many enterprises urgently need marketing talents to stay competitive in the market industry. Therefore, my professional background can help me to choose my future life and to contribute to society's development.

What is your job role now/ if not, what are your plans for the future?

First of all, I hope to find an internship in an excellent company to get a preliminary understanding of the operation of the company's marketing department. Then, I hope to find a job that can give full play to my professional knowledge and ability. 

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