Creative Learning in an Online World

International student Steven Fernando knows the importance of blending creativity with innovation when it comes to marketing.

Possessing a natural curiosity for consumer behaviour, Steven enrolled in the Master of Business Administration (Marketing). With travel restrictions still in place, starting his studies online was a no brainer for Steven, who did not want to delay his career goals. Studying offshore from Indonesia, Steven shares with us how he has adjusted to online learning and what he hopes to achieve upon graduating from the University of Adelaide. 

Steven Fernando

Why did you choose your degree?

I have grown fond of marketing since I was an Undergraduate. It is a very peculiar major where you must use your imagination and creativity to produce something that can be useful for society. I believe this degree will broaden my perspective about marketing even more and I’m interested to know about people’s behaviours.

Why did you choose the University of Adelaide?

I’ve researched numerous universities throughout the year, and I have discovered that there is a famous group of universities in Australia called the Group of Eight which Adelaide is part of. Also, the first place I visited in Australia was Adelaide and I grew fond of the city and its atmosphere.

What are you enjoying most about your degree?

I was surprised by how flexible the courses are, and how immersive they are even though it’s online. Instead of doing Zoom classes every week, we are given tasks and discussion topics which, in my opinion, is more efficient than doing zoom classes. You will see classmates from different cultural backgrounds, and they will not hesitate to interact with you. Ultimately, it is as exciting as an offline class!

Why did you choose to start your studies online instead of deferring?

If it wasn’t for the pandemic I would be in Adelaide now… I was persistent to study in Adelaide as it was the first place I visited when I first came to Australia. I was intrigued by the North Terrace campus and was inspired to study a postgraduate degree here, no matter what.

How have you adjusted to online learning?

Alright, I think. The first week was quite confusing, as I had to adjust to a different language, culture and time zone. But after the first week of study, I was able to adjust. I’m quite a shy person so I found socialising online easier and have gotten to better know my classmates.  

Even though I study online due to the current travel circumstances, the university provides the best way for me to learn and interact with other classmates at the same time. In the first few weeks, I’ve already learned many new things that I did not know before. I’m looking forward to learning new things in the future!Steven Fernando

What support services have you accessed – were they helpful?

The live chat function is very helpful. I had some issues with courses clashing and the Faculty of Professions responded to my queries immediately and had the initiative to help adjust my courses.

The course coordinator will also provide guidance throughout the trimester, so no one will feel left out.

What advice would you give to other international students starting their studies online?

First of all, don’t be nervous. You might be confused for the first few weeks, but that is just normal. Adjusting is also part of learning. Second, read the modules provided by each course, as they provide information about your learning materials, such as textbooks, assessments, etc.  Finally, I suggest checking your emails regularly, as they provide critical information regarding your courses and other information related to the university.

What are the top 3 things you are looking forward to when you arrive in Adelaide?

  • The North Terrace Campus – I look at it often on Google and Instagram, it’s very beautiful for a campus
  • The Chinatown – When I visited Adelaide I was very impressed with the food and prices in Chinatown!
  • Sevenhill Winery – Such delicious wine and cheap too.

How do you think a degree from The University of Adelaide will assist your future career?

Currently, I’m enrolling in the Master of Business Administration (Marketing) program. Aside from the knowledge and experience, the degree itself will be my selling point for potential employers. A Master’s degree is highly sought in Australia.

What is your job role now/ if not, what are your plans for the future?

Currently, I’m not working, but by enrolling in this MBA program, I hope it will be easier for me to get a stable job in the future. I like brainstorming a lot and think I would perhaps like to be a business consultant, or perhaps move into digital marketing.

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