Tech Talent Leads to Future Career

From dabbling in Html in school to complex computer programming at University, Bachelor of Computer Science student Patrick Sumarli has always had a special talent for working with technology.

Studying offshore whilst living at home in Jakarta, transitioning to online learning has been a breeze for Patrick, who has even been selected as an offshore international student mentor, helping support students through their study journey. 

Offshore students catchup on Zoom

Offshore students catch-up over Zoom

Why did you choose your degree?

My dream has always been to work in the tech industry as a software engineer or developer. I got into some coding stuff like Html back in school and I really liked it, so I figured yeah, this is what I want to do. Working with computers and writing all sorts of code is my passion, so the Bachelor of Computer Science seemed like a perfect fit for me

Why did you choose the University of Adelaide?

I chose the University of Adelaide because I was looking to study overseas at a good university. I did quite a bit of research and found that the University of Adelaide was in a nice city and is relatively quiet compared to Sydney or Melbourne, it seemed like a better fit for me. Adelaide is also ranked quite high for Computer Science which meant that it checked all of my boxes.

What are you enjoying most about your degree?

I find the course content to be very educational and practical so far. The degree is very informative and covered many topics that I found to be very useful. The introductory courses have also provided a solid foundation to build upon. The teaching staff have also been very helpful in answering my many questions regarding the topics in my courses.

Why did you choose to start your degree online?

If I didn’t start online, I would be wasting potentially more than a year, not doing anything and I didn’t want that to happen because time is precious and I didn’t want to waste it.Patrick Sumarli

How have you adjusted to online learning?

I did not find any disadvantages to online learning, the courses have been great and I have learned a ton from the lectures and assignments. Of course, I sometimes feel tired of looking at screens, so I make it a commitment to exercise daily or do something else that does not involve screens such as cooking.

What support services have you accessed – were they helpful?

I have used many online services provided by the University of Adelaide such as the AskAdelaide online chat which has been very helpful in answering my many questions regarding the University’s services. The Writing Centre and Studiosity have also helped me with my assignments such as Math written assignments and essays. The teaching staff and the university staff have been very helpful in answering my many questions regarding course topics and university-related questions.

What advice would you give to other international students starting their studies online?

Do your assignments early, as soon as you get them. Getting the assignments out of the way as soon as I can is a habit I encourage everyone to adopt, it frees up space in your mind and in your schedule as well because you no longer have to think about the assignment and you will have more time to pursue your hobbies or focus on learning something else.

What are the top 3 things you are looking forward to when you arrive in Adelaide?

I am looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends to enjoy this journey with. I am also looking forward to seeing what life is like in a new city all on my own as well as the opportunity to become a more independent and responsible adult through living there.

How do you think a degree from The University of Adelaide will assist your future career?

I think it will be a big help in finding employment. The degree will help develop my coding and technical skills, and also help me to become a more responsible and independent individual.

What is your job role now/ if not, what are your plans for the future?

I am looking at opportunities to become a developer or software engineering intern in order to gain valuable working experience. My plan is to keep on developing my resume by building personal projects, learning new skills, and finding opportunities wherever I can. I want to work for the big tech companies such as Google and Microsoft.

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