Spreading positive influence through peer support

Remaining positive in the face of border lockdowns and study uncertainty has proved incredibly rewarding for offshore student Yvonne Tansu. Currently studying a Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences from her home in Indonesia, Yvonne has enjoyed the flexibility that online study has afforded her.  

Yvonne Tansu

Turning her offshore experience into an advantage, Yvonne was able to secure a virtual part-time internship, allowing her to gain industry experience whilst studying. Thanks to her positive outlook and willingness to take on new challenges, Yvonne has now been chosen as one of the first International Peer Support mentors for our offshore cohort. Here, Yvonne shares with us her experiences as an international student and what she hopes to achieve in her role as a mentor.   

Why did you choose your degree at the University of Adelaide? 

I had some experience with coding before coming to university and I really enjoyed it. I chose to study at the University of Adelaide because of the support services that the university offers, its location in Adelaide and the scholarship offer (30%) that I received.  

What are you enjoying most about your degree?  

University has been a new, interesting and fun experience with some rollercoaster rides. But it has been worthwhile and I am enjoying everything so far. I have discovered a lot of new things and that has kept me motivated to study.  

How have you adjusted to online learning?  

I’ve adjusted well and have been doing decently well in my subjects too. Online learning gives me a lot of flexibility and time which allows me to juggle my part-time work and also some competitions too.   Yvonne Tansu

What support services have you accessed? 

The University cares a whole lot for offshore international students. A support service I have used a lot is the live chat service. Most of the questions I had were answered through the live chat and the response time was quick. The University also provides a weekly newsletter updating us about the various opportunities we can participate in and events happening on campus. 

What motivated you to join the International Peer Mentor program?  

I want to give back to the student community in any way that I can. The source of this motivation stems from how my past International Peer Support mentor helped me adjust to university life by offering advice, tips on how to do well and which courses she thought would be helpful to me. I hope to be like my mentor and contribute to the student community in the same way (or even better).  

What are you most excited about contributing to the student experience as an International Peer Mentor?  

It is the thought of making international students feel more welcome and letting them know that they can always reach out to us when they need any help. Playing games as a way of relaxation and getting my mind off my studies really helped me throughout my experience as an offshore student. It helped me connect with my old and even new friends, who became study buddies eventually. I hope that other students will have a memorable experience as an offshore student as well.  

What advice would you give to other international students starting their studies online?  

Best to find a senior within your degree who is willing to give you some tips and tricks. Other than that, you can also make some friends within/outside your degree who can be buddies with you, be it playing games, watching movies/TV series or studying together.

How do you think a degree from The University of Adelaide will assist your future career?  

A degree from the University of Adelaide will assist me in my future career since the Uni is in the Go8 group and my degree will be recognised globally. Since Computer Science is also a very versatile degree, I will have a lot of flexibility and my degree from the University of Adelaide will open many opportunities for me worldwide.  

What is your job role now/ if not, what are your plans for the future?  

I am currently doing a part-time internship as a Software Engineer, contributing to the development of both frontend and backend projects. I plan to dive more into the Data Science aspect of Computer Science and possibly Machine Learning as well.   

What are the top 3 things you are looking forward to when you arrive in Adelaide?  

  • Good food   
  • Meeting my online friends face-to-face  
  • Trying out the public transportation  
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