Life in Adelaide

There's so much to love about Adelaide and South Australia!

Adelaide, the state capital of South Australia, is a multicultural city with a population of about 1.3 million people, who come from all over the world.

South Australians lead a relaxed but vibrant lifestyle, in a state with a rich history, remarkable environment, and a particular love of fine wine and food.


Adelaide enjoys a Mediterranean climate. In general, the weather in Adelaide is hot and dry in the summer (average temperature between 17°C - 29°C) and cold and wet in the winter (average temperature between 7.5°C - 16°C) .

Study environment

Adelaide is the safest, cleanest, greenest and most affordable Australian city in which to study. Its size and sense of comfort means it provides an atmosphere conducive to study.

Combine all of this with an institution that consistently ranks in the top 1% of University worldwide and you have the answer to why you should study at the University of Adelaide.


Adelaide is a friendly and multicultural city, offering a real sense of community as well as a wide range of attractions and entertainment. It has beachesfestivals, and is in close proximity to beautiful Australian nature and the Outback. Adelaide has all of this - and more!

Adelaide is a very safe and friendly city and is just the right size - not too big and not too small.Renato de Andrade