Sponsored Students

Sponsored students are those who receive a scholarship from their home government or an Australia Awards scholarship.

Learn more about scholarship opportunities on our international scholarships page.

Home government-sponsored students

The University of Adelaide has sponsorship arrangements with several foreign government and non government organisations. The International Sponsored Student Advisor (ISSA) liaises between sponsored students, sponsors and the University. The ISSA is currently located within International Student Support.

If you have any issues related to your sponsorship, please contact International Student Support.

The University of Adelaide has sponsored students from the following international sponsors:

  • Brunei Government
  • Chile Government
  • Indonesia Government
  • JPA (Malaysia)
  • Kuwait Government
  • Maldives Government
  • MARA (Malaysia)
  • Oman Government
  • Saudi Arabia Government
  • Saudi Aramco
  • United Arab Emirates Government
  • Thailand Government

Australia Awards Scholarship students

The University of Adelaide is one of the institutions managing Australian Government funded Australia Awards Scholarships . The scholarships are managed through the Student Contact Officer (also the International Sponsored Student Advisor) at International Student Support (ISS), in accordance with the Contract for provision of services.

If you have nominated the University as your preferred institution and have any questions regarding your application for admission and/or the Australia Awards Scholarship, you may contact the Student Contact Officer.

The International Sponsored Student Advisor and Student Contact Officer (SCO) at this University:

Ms Niranjala Seimon
International Student Support
The University of Adelaide 
SA 5005, Australia

Telephone: +61 8 8313 3505
Email: niranjala.seimon@adelaide.edu.au

Details of the Australia Awards Scholarships can also be found by visiting the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)  website.

If you have accepted your offer of admission to study as an Australia Awards Scholarship holder, you will receive pre-departure information from both the DFAT office or Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) office in your home country and the University.

Please note that students are strongly discouraged from bringing family with them when they first arrive in Australia.

The Australia Awards Scholarship office overseas will arrange and pay for Australia Awards Scholars to travel to Australia. Although this office will notify the University of your travel details, you must also complete the International Student Arrival Form and submit it directly to the University.

Further information is also available regarding accommodation and the University’s Arrival Service .

The ISS provides orientation support and pastoral care to Australia Awards Scholarship holders. The Introductory Academic Program (IAP) commences with an Orientation Program each semester.

On arrival in Adelaide, you must attend all orientation activities during which time you will be provided with your Establishment Allowance, your University email access and your Student ID card.

Pre departure information will be emailed to you individually, as the University receives full confirmation from DFAT of your scholarship being awarded.

The University is responsible for careful management of the Australia Awards Scholarships in accordance with the contract with DFAT.

The Student Contact Officer monitors the progress of all enrolled Australia Awards Scholarship holders to ensure they are on schedule to complete their course within the duration of their scholarships. We aim to intervene early and support students requiring additional help to meet satisfactory progression requirements.

All Australia Awards Scholarship holders in coursework programs are expected to complete and submit the Notice of Assessment Form at the beginning of each semester. The University will maintain up-to-date reports on student progress to DFAT as part of the contractual obligations to the sponsor.

If you require additional academic support over what is already available on campus, the Student Contact Officer can facilitate Supplementary Academic Support. This must be recommended by the lecturer in charge. Please contact the Student Contact Officer if you wish to seek this assistance.

SAS funding may be also be used for domestic academic training, workshops or conferences directly related to the awardees main course of study (attendance fees only); editing theses, printing and binding costs; and for research awardees only - attending conferences (attendance fees only) in a third country to present findings or papers that are directly related to their course.

Australia Awards Scholars from the University of Adelaide enrolling in Cross Institutional study at another institution must contact the Student Contact Officer Niranjala Seimon for advice on the process to apply for approval. You must contact Niranjala in advance of the Semester with the cross institutional enrolment.

The University is committed to helping students complete the academic programs for which they were awarded the scholarship within the original duration of the award. If there are any factors impacting on you completing the program for which you were awarded the Australia Awards Scholarship, you must inform the Student Contact Officer without delay.

Students enrolled in a Masters or Doctorate program by research may be permitted to undertake fieldwork with support of the Scholarship in Australia, their home country or, under exceptional circumstances, in a third country. The need for fieldwork must be identified in the offer of admission and incorporated in the original funding request to DFAT.

PhD awardees are entitled to three trips that can be either reunion or fieldwork. Masters awardees are entitled to one trip that can be either reunion or fieldwork. The number of fieldwork trips required is determined by the university (supervisor) subject to the nature of the research.

The scholarship entitlement for fieldwork is a return economy class airfare. All associated fieldtrip costs are to be covered by the university or the student.

If your Australia Awards Scholarship Contract includes an entitlement for fieldwork you will need to complete the Fieldwork Application form and submit it to the SCO when you are ready to progress.

The University provides Australia Awards Scholars with a completion event towards the end of their academic program.

On completion, you and any accompanying family members are required to return to your home country in accordance with your scholarship requirements.

The completion event for students in graduating at the end of each semester will be announced in mid semester. Graduating students will receive an email from the SCO with relevant details.