Meet the Mentors

The International Peer Mentors are a wonderful group of University of Adelaide students who volunteer their time to help new and continuing international students.

Here's what they have to say about their interests and being part of the International Peer Mentor program.

Aakanksha Dongala


Heya!  Namaste, I’m Aakanksha D, hailing from India and currently pursuing masters in Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. I've embarked on this exhilarating adventure to delve into the realms where innovation meets ingenuity and integrity . With a fervent passion for unravelling the mysteries of AI and its profound impact on society, I'm constantly pushing the boundaries of my knowledge and skills to keep myself excited in my learning process. Beyond the confines of academia, you'll often find me venturing out into the vibrant streets of Adelaide , eager to discover its hidden gems and embrace its rich cultural tapestry. Whether it's strolling through bustling markets, savouring exotic cuisines, or simply soaking up the sun at the beaches or the mountains, I believe in making the most of every moment. As an international student, I understand the challenges and queries that come with navigating life in a foreign land. Whether you're seeking advice, a friendly chat, or simply someone to explore the city with, I'm always here to lend an ear and share a laugh. So, join me on this exhilarating odyssey as we unravel the mysteries of AI, soak in the wonders of the nature, and create unforgettable memories along the way. Let's embark on this journey together and make every moment count!

Feel free to reach out and say hello—I'm excited to connect with fellow explorers and AI enthusiasts from around the globe! 🚀✨.

Thi Ngoc Bich Nguyen


Xin chao (Hello)! I'm Ngoc Bich, but you can call me Alex. Coming from vibrant Vietnam, I'm in the final year of my MSc in Data Science. Beyond the numbers and algorithms, I'm just like you – someone who finds joy in life's simple treasures. Whether losing myself in the enchanting world of Harry Potter, indulging in a Netflix binge, or simply taking a stroll in nature, I'm all about cherishing those little moments. But there's another side to me too! I thrive on connections and new adventures, and as an IPM, I'm pumped to bring a taste of Vietnamese culture to our UoA community. So, let's make memories, share laughs, and savour the flavours of life together!

Ankush Gajanan Arudkar


Hey there! I'm Ankush from India, currently studying in the second year of my Master of Data Science program. When I'm not studying, I enjoy hiking, and Adelaide has some wonderful hills and beaches to explore. I also enjoy cooking different cuisines, sketching, and crocheting. The university offers some great programs for international students to engage and become part of the community, and that’s how I came across the International Peer Mentor program more than a year ago. I look forward to meeting everyone on campus and hope you all have a wonderful time at uni!

Ansh Birani


Hey there! I'm Ansh Birani, a finance and banking enthusiast hailing from the vibrant city of Jaipur, India. Currently rocking my Bachelor's degree, I'm all about the hustle, whether it's picking up new skills, knocking it out on the cricket field, or diving into interesting conversations with strangers. A team player at heart, I thrive on spreading good vibes and making folks around me smile. Jumping as an International Peer Mentor with both feet because I'm on a mission to make a real impact in the lives of others, contribute to a diverse community, and forge friendships that last a lifetime. Let's make some magic happen! ✨

Anusree Anil


Hello, I’m Anusree. I’m an international student from India doing my second year of master's in Construction Management. During my free time, I love hanging out with friends, traveling, and also dancing. I am excited to become an International Peer Mentor (IPM) to connect with people from different backgrounds to learn about cultures.  My primary drive is to assist others in navigating the hurdles of adjusting to a new environment, much like the ones I've encountered in the past. I eagerly anticipate meeting everyone and hope you enjoy being in Adelaide as much as I do.

Jianxi Xu


What's up everyone! I am Bellah, a third year undergraduate Education student, and I come from a beautiful southern city in China, called Shenzhen. I am an International Peer Mentor from 2023 and becoming one is one of the best decisions I’ve made since I started studying at the university. I’m a people person who enjoys interacting with others and learning from them, I’d say I thrive on socialising. I love to play guitar, sing, vlog and explore the world. I have the spirits of an adventurist and experimenter, and trying new things and breaking my boundaries are what always excite me.

As an international student, I understand that aside from feeling excited about your life away from home, it’s normal to experience homesickness, feelings of being marginalised and a lot of other negative emotions. That’s the reason I’m here, helping you familiarise your life in Adelaide and make it as enjoyable as possible. So, if you see me around, please don’t hesitate to say hi!

Welcome to the University of Adelaide, I look forward to getting to know you all soon! 

Celeste Cabral


Hi everyone!
I’m Celeste and I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Accounting and Finance. I’m the daughter of the huge multicultural and diverse Mother India. Living in Mumbai all my life has automatically enabled me to feel at ease anywhere in the world. I enjoy socialising, dancing, singing, playing the piano and a bit of sports too! I’m always eager to meet new people, share interests and exchange ideas. You are more than welcome to discuss the difficulties of coping or settling down (if any) and moments of triumph and joy with me. I therefore look forward to your interactions to create fun memories of our student life together.

Chahat Segan


G’day mate ;)
Welcome to University life! My name is Chahat. I am an international student from India in the second (and final) year of my Master’s in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. More than studying, I enjoy reading, dancing, and baking. I am also a big Bollywood junkie who is currently obsessed with K-drama and BTS. I had always dreamt of experiencing life as an international student and embracing all the struggles and challenges that come with it while making memories for a lifetime. Living that life for a year now is everything I dreamt of and more. I became a part of the International Peer Mentor program to meet new students who are now learning to navigate these waters and help them however I can. 

Yapa Mudiyanselage Abeyrathna


Hi everyone! I am Chamalsha from Sri Lanka, currently pursuing a Master of Environmental Policy and Management. Beyond academia, I find joy in swimming and the tranquility of nature walks. Joining the International Peer Mentor program is incredibly exciting for me, as an international student. I am eager to extend a supportive hand to new students, drawing from my own experiences. Building a sense of community and fostering a welcoming environment aligns with my passion for connectivity and cultural exchange. I look forward to contributing positively to the program and creating a lasting impact on the student community.

Hongyu Ruan


G'day! I'm Hongyu, known as Declan in English. I'm a third-year international student from China, pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide. Congratulations on choosing to embark on your university journey with us; I'm delighted you made this wise decision. Having lived in Adelaide for about five years, I'd love to share fascinating insights about this beautiful city and offer stories on adapting to cultural differences. Beyond my studies, I enjoy reading a variety of books, including novels, management, and self-improvement. My passion for hiking allows me to explore the natural beauty of Australia, gaining a profound understanding of its culture. In 2024, not only did new members join our university community, but our IPM is also here to support you. I eagerly anticipate meeting you anytime, anywhere in Adelaide.

Deepa Anbalagan


Hey! I am Deepa Anbalagan, I'm into my 2nd year of Master in Biotechnology and super excited to start my journey as an IPM.I hope that this opportunity will give me the chance to experience a diversity of cultures and meet new people from and around the world. 



Hey there! My name is Disha and I’m from Singapore! I’m in my third year studying a Bachelor of Applied Data Analytics with a specialisation in Economics. Outside of my degree, I’m a bit of a musical theatre geek (Stephen Sondheim ruled my Spotify Wrapped) and I always enjoy good comedy (especially from different parts of the world! It’s so nice when people from different backgrounds can relate to and laugh about things in common- which means I’m definitely open to any good recs😉). Adelaide has so many international students and the opportunity to share experiences while we all (domestic and international) journey through university life is so special! If you ever see me around campus, feel free to say hi, I’d love to meet you! 😃

Elisabeth Chung


Hi there! My name is Ellie and I’m currently in my 3rd year of computer science. If you’re on this webpage, I'm assuming that you’re an international student looking forward to starting your university journey. As I’m originally from Malaysia, I understand the difficulties that we international students go through. Hence fret not as we’re here to help you ease your transition as you navigate university! Adelaide has never failed to surprise me since I started studying here and I hope you will grow to love this place as well. A little bit more about myself – cycling to university has been the best decision I’ve made; good music and food feeds my soul. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Gabriella Laurencia Liman


Hi! Im Gabby from Indonesia. I am in my second year of Master's in Construction Management. I love to do outdoor activities (especially trekking!!) and getting myself to learn new stuffs. Therefore, travelling is the activity that sparks my soul the most. Besides, travelling enables me to hunt for food which becomes another thing that excites me most 😆
Being an international student has been marvellous. Along the way, I’ve received many kindness and now, as a 2024 IPM, I’d like to give back to the community and even more excited to interact with the new students (as I was last year 😉). Let’s have some fun and don’t hesitate to say “hi!” if you see me around the campus!

Gauri Sunil


Hey everyone! I'm Gauri, hailing from the lush, green landscapes of Kerala, India. Currently tackling my Masters of Construction Management, but outside of that, you'll find me immersed in hands-on pursuits, from pottery to zinemaking, and exploring the vibrant realm of secondhand fashion!
I am super stoked to be part of the IPM crew this year! Adelaide's international student community feels like a welcoming family, and I'm excited to join in and share experiences as we navigate our uni journey together. Spot me on campus? Don't hesitate to say hi, I'd love to get to know you! 



Hello, I'm 宗瀚 from China. You can call me Han. I am coming to my last semester of my undergraduate studies in Accounting and Corporate Finance. I joined the international peer mentor family in 2021. When I'm not studying or working, I like to study different types of wines and try to experience their different flavors. I am also a member of the University of Adelaide Basketball Club and have represented the University in the SA Challenge, winning the championship with my team. Within the IPM family, I have the opportunity to work with international students from different countries and cultures, which has helped me to develop my international perspective and ability to work in a diverse team, for which I am very grateful.

Hardik Kalra


Greetings! My name is Hardik Kalra, and I am thrilled to be joining the IPM volunteer team this year. As a second-year finance and banking student originally hailing from Punjab, India, I am excited to contribute to the vibrant international community at the University of Adelaide.

I have a genuine passion for connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and learning about their unique cultures and perspectives. This aligns perfectly with the IPM's mission of fostering a sense of belonging and connection within the international student community.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I am a dedicated cricket enthusiast, and I also enjoy watching WWE, tennis, and "football" (as it's rightfully known!).

I am eager to share my experiences and be a part of this supportive network. While navigating our university journey together, I look forward to connecting with fellow volunteers and students on campus. Please feel free to approach me, and I'd be delighted to get to know you as well!



Heluu everyone ! I'm Janya, navigating the intricate journey of a Bachelor's in Psychological Science. Hailing from vibrant Punjab, India. I am a professional dancer , I love to sing , a former bhangra instructor and i am a part of the community here as well. Let's collaborate , fellow Bhangra lovers! 💃I am a people’s person 🤗I love meeting new people , going to new places and savouring diverse cuisines . Being an international student is a roller coaster ride and i am here to transform it into a delightful merry-go-round for you guys.Join me on this Campus adventure. Feel free to say hi 👋 when you see me around.

Joanne Xue Ping Su


Hi everyone! I’m Joanne, and I was born and raised in Selangor, Malaysia. I’m currently in my second year of pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science and I will be transitioning to my third year of studies during the second half of the year. Outside of my studies, I love playing mobile games, solving puzzles, going for walks, and watching Netflix.  I am thrilled to be a part of the IPM team this academic year and I can’t wait to connect with fellow international students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. I know how nerve wracking it must be to be away from home, but I hope that you enjoy your time here in Adelaide and have fun!

Phu Thinh Cao


I’m John, an international student from Vietnam and I have been living in Adelaide for around a year and a half. I’m currently studying the bachelor of psychological science in Uni Adelaide, with intention of pursuing a master and working in the field of mental health support. I wanted to volunteer with the IPM program as a way to improve my ability in working with and support people. I also worked in some hospitality job and have experienced assisting people before. 

Katrina McPhee


Hello everyone! Welcome to Adelaide! My name is Katrina and I am a dual citizen of Australia and Canada! I am in my second year of a Bachelor's degree in Health and Medical Science (Advanced). When I am not studying, I can be found enjoying the tranquility of the beach or dancing salsa and bachata. I am excited to meet all of you and help you settle into Adelaide and make new, lifelong friends. I love to travel! So far, I have done 8 months of solo travel throughout Canada, Europe, Mexico, Thailand and Indonesia. I want to learn about you and your cultures, so feel free to come have a chat with me if you see me around campus :)

Komborero Bingudza


Hey there! My name is Komborero, but you can call me Kombo. I’m in my second year of a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biochemistry. I'm originally from Zimbabwe but I was raised in South Africa. I love playing music, creative writing and serving in church. To keep active, I do a combination of swimming, Muay Thai and CrossFit. Any other time, there’s a good chance you’ll find me in the book store or out somewhere with animals.

Life as an international student is a thrilling and wild journey. As an International Peer Mentor, I am excited to walk your journey with you, sharing culture and learning from each other. I hope you soon feel at home in Adelaide! :)

Kriti Aggarwal


Hi everyone! My name is Kriti, and I am from India. I am in the second year of my Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences degree. When I am not studying or working, I love reading, trying out new cuisines or indulging in a bit of retail therapy. As a fresh IPM for 2024, I'm thrilled to extend a warm welcome to incoming students - can't wait to meet y'all and help make your uni experience awesome!

Mohammad Mahmudul Islam Talukder


G'day! I'm Mahmud, a Bangladeshi student doing a Master's in International Security. Australia's been my home for a year now, and I love its mix of chill vibes, friendly faces, and epic landscapes.
When I'm not buried in textbooks, you'll find me hiking hidden trails, snapping pics like a pro, or whipping up culinary masterpieces (still mastering those!). But my heart truly sings when I connect with different cultures and lend a helping hand through volunteering.
That's why I'm super excited to join the IPM program! It opens doors to unique volunteering gigs, and I also get to join a supportive crew of incredible mentors and staff. As an IPM and a friend, see you soon.

Hong Mai Pham


Hi there! My name is Mai, and I’m from Vietnam. Currently, I'm in my second year pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science, with a major in Data Science. I absolutely love meeting new people and learning about different cultures. When I'm not buried in books, you can find me indulging in a variety of interests, such as playing sports, hiking, volunteering, enjoying the outdoors, and socializing!

Starting university in a new country isn't always easy, but that's why we're here to help. As an IPM, I've had the privilege of reaching out and making an impact in our community while forming new connections. If there's anything I can assist you with, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm on campus almost every day, so if you happen to see me around, come say "Hi!" – I'd love to get to know you.

Manav Bijlani


Hi Folks! I'm Manav Bijlani, currently in my second year of studying Computer Science at the University of Adelaide. Originally from New Delhi, India, my passion for coding and mathematics led me to pursue this degree. I enjoy reading and listening to music in my free time as they help me relax and elevate my mood. With an outgoing nature, I thrive on interacting with others and making a positive impact, which is why I joined the IPM team. If you need any help transitioning to university life, feel free to reach out. Looking forward to meeting you all at Uni! 

Himashi Uthpala Ganegama Kankanamage


Hi everyone, I'm Himashi, but feel free to call me Mashi. Originally from Sri Lanka, I'm currently pursuing my Master of Accounting and Finance, in my second year. Beyond crunching numbers, you'll find me lost in a world of colours through painting, crafting, and decorating. Traveling, yoga, dancing and baking also top my list of interests. Joining the IPM program excites me as I'm eager to support new students in adapting to a new culture, just as I was supported. I'm new to the IPM program this year and look forward to welcoming and connecting with everyone at our future events :). Adelaide, with its vibrant culture and welcoming community, is a fantastic place to study and grow.

Mehak Thapar


Hello everyone! My name is Mehak and I am from Delhi, India. I am currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology. Outside of studying I like to read Young adult fiction and fantasy books. I also enjoy walks along the river Torrens while listening to music from all over the world. I am really excited to meet people from different cultures and help them assimilate into the Aussie culture and create a sense of belonging for everyone. My personal goal for this year is to socialise more and build connections with as many people as possible and being an IPM allows me to do just that. Hope to see everyone around campus soon:)

Pragya Kaushik


Hey everyone! I'm Pragya. Originally from India but raised in sunny Singapore, I'm all about embracing different cultures and languages - fluent in both Hindi and English!

As a final-year Computer Science student at Adelaide University, I'm fueled by my passion for tech and innovation. From my adventures at Deloitte to diving into projects at AIML, I've got a knack for problem-solving and a love for teamwork.

Excited to be your IPM and help like others did for me! Swing by anytime for advice or just to chat about uni life. Let's make this journey awesome together. See you around campus! 

Jasenthu Liyana Fernando


Ayubowan! I'm Pumudi, thrilled to be in the home stretch of my Masters of Engineering. Originally from the vibrant island of Sri Lanka, my journey started with some wild adventures navigating life as an international student in a new country—cue the learning curve! Now, besides acing my studies, I've got a sweet gig going with Cake-A-Licious, where I whip up happiness in the form of delicious cakes. And can we talk about Shelby, my beyond-adorable Great Dane? Life's a blast with that furball around! Super stoked about been able to continue as an IPM, helping you smooth out your own adventure rollercoasters. Let's celebrate this mix of academia, cake magic, and being the cool mentor on the block! 🎓🍰🌍🐾

Ragib Farhat Hasan


G’day, all! I’m Ragib Farhat Hasan from Dhaka, Bangladesh, currently studying in MPhil in Nuclear Physics. Before this, I achieved my Bachelor’s degree (in theoretical & experimental Physics) from University of Adelaide as well.

Moving out of home and into a foreign land is daunting, but at the same time, it is the start of an exciting new journey! Since February 2020, I’ve had a fascinating time in Adelaide and being an IPM since late 2021, I’ve had the privilege of guiding the new international students towards the same.

As a man who is proud to be deeply attached to his culture and heritage, I’m excited to hear about yours! Hence, if you see me around, do say, “G’day, mate!”.

Rahul Rajendra Kumar


Hello! You already read my name, so I’ll tell you I lived most of my life in Bengaluru, India, and that I have been living in Adelaide for four years. I spend most of my time studying maths; outside of that, I enjoy playing chess, working out, brewing coffee, and making people laugh.

I joined the IPM program to help new international students assimilate into their new environment, just as others had done for me. Along the way, I’ve learned to appreciate new cultures, meets LOTS of new people, and get involved in major events at the University. I have also found that you get given as much responsibility as you ask for.

That’s all for now, see ya!

Md Raiyan Rahman


Hello! I’m Raiyan from Bangladesh, currently in my second year of bachelor of computer science degree. I am a big time outdoor person and love learning about new cultures. So, when not working or studying, you'll likely find me hiking, swimming, playing sports (mainly cricket), or attending various events on and off campus. Additionally, I enjoy reading, playing video games, and have recently developed an interest in chess. 
I joined IPM to assist international students in socialising and adapting to their new life in Adelaide. I understand the challenges of transitioning to uni life in a new country, but trust me, once you make a few good friends, everything becomes much easier. If you see me on campus, don’t hesitate to say hi. I'd love to help you out and hear about your experiences. Perhaps we can break the ice over a game of chess?

Rishikrishna Suresh Kumar Padma Swarna


Rishikrishna, an accomplished software engineer from India with three years of expertise in the tech industry. Currently immersed in the study of business analytics, he passionately combines his technical prowess with analytical skills. Beyond coding, Rishikrishna finds joy in diverse pursuits like gym workouts, reading, and hiking. Social at heart, he cherishes moments spent with friends. Noteworthy is his entrepreneurial spirit, as he's a proud founder of a startup specializing in developing web3 games. Rishikrishna's multifaceted journey reflects a blend of technology, analytics, and a zest for adventure.

Rukaiya Binte Yeasin


Hello everyone! I am Rukaiya from Bangladesh. You can either call me Rukaiya or by my nickname Shimu (whichever suits you). I am currently in my second year of Masters in Biotechnology (Biomedical) program. When I am not studying, I usually like to travel, visit new places or just stay at home and simply read a book or sleep (I love sleeping). Being an introvert and the most pampered child, I used to get very homesick in my early days. So, I understand how difficult it is for newcomers. We are all on the same boat and by being a member of the IPM, I hope to reach out to more students and help them in their journey.

Samuel Jimmy Puthussery .


Hi everyone! I am Sam, pursuing Bachelor of Science (Space Sc & Astrophysics). I am from Kerala, India. One of the main reasons I'm here is to help you settle in and have a great time, as I understand the difficult changes one must go through as an international student. Outside of studying, I like to travel and try different restaurants in Adelaide. Other activities include gym, soccer and writing poems. 

Samridhi Gupta


Hi everyone! I am Samridhi from Bangalore, India. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Data Science. I worked as a Software Engineer at Oracle Cerner before coming to Adelaide. Apart from studying, I enjoy traveling, reading books, playing the keyboard, cooking, and swimming. I am also a passionate Bharatanatyam dancer and I spend a lot of time practicing Yoga. As an international student myself, I understand what one goes through in the transition and that’s what inspired me to become an IPM. I would be more than glad to help. I love meeting new people and I look forward to meeting y’all at the Uni. 

Sanjyot Patil


Hi everyone, my name is Sanjyot. I am from India and currently in my fourth year of Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Architectural and Structural). Besides studying, I enjoy volunteering for university clubs and other programs. And let's not forget, I am absolutely passionate about cooking and jet-setting to new destinations. I am excited to be an IPM, as this marks my final year of my degree. I eagerly anticipate sharing my journey and lending a helping hand to fellow international students. I was once in their shoes, and I look forward to creating wonderful experiences together.

Ganan Satyagit


Hi guys! I am Satyagit, you’re most welcome to call me Sathya and I am from Sri Lanka, currently in my second year pursuing Master’s in Data Science (ngl, it’s as complicated as one might expect). I am proud of being a big foodie, and I enjoy trying different cuisines any chance I get. In addition, I enjoy playing a game of chess, badminton and tennis, hiking and more recently started to read books (better now than never).

I was more inclined to join the IPM program after being inspired by how much positive influence they have over students through continuous and multi-cultural engagements, providing a space to improve your interpersonal skills and to meet new people from different backgrounds and especially at the opportunity of trying different cuisines.

Piseth Tang


Greetings! I am Seth, hailing from Cambodia, currently immersed in my second-year pursuing the Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences. I am captivated by the beauty of mathematics and all its practical applications, further enlightened by computer science. Beyond my academic orientations, I am an ardent enthusiast of basketball.

I understand that possessing intercultural competence in an ever culturally-diverse country such as Australia, and, in Adelaide, is part and parcel towards creating a sense of belonging with different communities and that is exactly why I had decided to join the esteemed IPM program. All in all, do come say hi, I can normally be found mulling over my computer at Level 2 Barr Smith Library. 

Kalale Shrinivas Ksheeraja .


Hi everyone! I'm Ksheeraja, but you can call me Shiro! 😄 I'm from India and currently pursuing my masters in Data Science. In my free time, you'll catch me nose-deep in crime novels, battling in RPG games, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature.

As an international student, I understand the challenges of adjusting to a new country and I'm excited to be part of the IPM family, where I can contribute to easing the transition for others. Whether it's sharing my own experiences, offering assistance at the university, or simply being a friendly face to greet you on campus, count me in! I hope you all make some incredible memories and have the time of your lives here. See you soon!

Simran Panda


Hello everyone, I'm Simran, and I'm presently pursuing a master's degree in finance and accounting. I'm from Odisha, India. Though I'm not a professional, I enjoy dancing and singing. I'm proud to be an international peer mentor as it combines my love of helping people, advancing intercultural understanding, and creating a friendly, inclusive environment for all students.

Sohini Satpati


Hi, I am Sohini Satpati and I am from India. I am in my second year of MBA ( Marketing). In my free time I love painting and reading novels. I also love meeting new people from different parts of the globe and learn about different cultures which is the most exciting part of being part of IPM. Hope to meet you all soon.

Sojung Lee


Hello everyone~ My name is Sojung Lee. I am an international student from Korea. I am studying my 4th year of Veterinary program(doctor of veterinary medicine) on Roseworthy campus. I like discovering different cultures, learning about historical information, and nature. I have been an International Peer Mentor(IPM) for 2022,2023 and I am grateful to be able to continue this year for I had a great time as an IPM to learn about diverse culture within the Adelaide uni community, grew a lot and enhanced self-awareness, teamwork and leadership skills through working with interesting group of students and staff as an IPM.

Amarasinghe Arachchige Weerarathne


Hi there, I am Tharuka from Japan and Sri Lanka. I am currently in my first year of a Master in Applied Economics specialising in Public Policy. I am a professional Locking and Chinese Classical dancer and have been working as a backup dancer in Tokyo for the past few years. I also love reading, theatre and playing Scrabble. I am very excited to join the IPM program in 2024 and get to know people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. It is an absolute pleasure to work with everyone and I look forward to meeting you all on campus!  

Thanh Tung Hoang


How you doin’? My name is Tung, but sometimes, people call me Tung Tung Tung when they are really excited! I’m from Hanoi, Vietnam and have been here in Adelaide for more than a year. However, Australia is not my first rodeo, as I had also spent my undergraduate years (4 years to be exact) in the United States, and a trimester abroad in Italy, so I’m confident to say that I know a thing or two about life as an international student. When I’m not busy trying to figure out how to earn a Master’s degree in Computing and Innovation, you can find me chilling at my natural habitat: the breath-taking beaches of South Australia. So if you see me around, don’t be shy and come say hi! Talk to me about cars, 80’s music/movies, European football , ask me about underrated gems to visit around Adelaide, or challenge me to a game of pool, and I would reply with great enthusiasm! I’m extra thrilled to be an International Peer Mentor and can’t wait meet you all, and to help you on your wonderful journey here in Adelaide.

Ujjwal Bhardwaj


Greetings! My name is Ujjwal, and I'm from India. I'm currently pursuing a master's degree in Data Science, and I am in my second year of studies. Before moving to Australia, I worked as a Software Development Engineer in India. I have been in Australia for over a year now as an international student. It's been a wild rollercoaster ride, but I wouldn't trade this exhilarating experience for anything. Besides academics, I love photography, car rides, and cooking cuisines. I am thrilled to be an IPM  and to help the student community. If you spot me on campus, feel free to say hello! I would be happy to assist you. Or if you are interested in cars, we can chat for an entire day :)

NSVW23 Student Advocates - Zhige Zhang


Hello! I'm Vicky, currently diving into computing and innovation studies in Adelaide. As an ENFJ, my interests are varied: watching comedy shows is my go-to for a good laugh and relaxation. I'm also an avid sports enthusiast, like badminton. De-spite my unprofessional stance, I never miss a chance to hit the shuttlecock! My ad-ventures across Finland, France, and Australia have broadened my perspective, em-bracing a myriad of cultures. I'm passionate about unearthing Adelaide's culinary gems with friends😋, capturing and sharing these delicious moments on social me-dia. For me, a great meal is more than food; it's a source of joy and connection. Join me with curiosity and openness in celebrating the simple, yet profound, pleasures life offers.

Wing Yan Yu


Hi everyone! I am Vivian from Hong Kong, pursing Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences (Advanced). I enjoy being involved in university life a lot that I am currently a committee member of the Women In STEM Society (WISTEMS) and the Adelaide University Biosciences Network (AUBN). I love playing and watching sports, particularly basketball and soccer. As a non-English speaker, I can relate well to the tough language barrier and homesickness one has to go through while starting a new journey in Adelaide. That’s why I am here to assist you to adapt uni life and have a wonderful time. I look forward to a fabulous journey with all of you xx

Yuvraj Kaushal


My name is Yuvraj and preffered to be called as Yuvi and i am from India and i am study Master's in Cyber Security and i am in my 3rd trimester. I love exploring, photography, food and gaming. For me IPM program is a way to interact and help out students who have problem comming out of their shell and help them adapt to their environment.