Arthur Eng Lip Yeow

Arthur Eng Lip Yeow

Country: Malaysia Malaysian flag
Degree: Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)
Faculty: Sciences


As an undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) in the University of Adelaide, I am fortunate enough to experience quality, world class education by academia’s here in the university. I receive support not only to pursue academic interests in my time at the university, but activities that support my academics such as lab experience. My lecturers are wonderful and they are always happy to make time for me to discuss with me my future path as well as my aspirations.

I enjoy getting involved with the university and part of that experience is being an International Student Centre Peer Mentor. There, I am encouraged to fully explore my potential and to provide the best experience for incoming international students to Adelaide. It was a great learning experience and the support provided by the staff certainly helped shape me who am I today. My time in the university has enabled me to meet a wide range of friends and the opportunity to immerse myself in an international experience. Regardless if it is studying at the hub or having a group dinner together; it is truly an amazing Adelaide Experience.

With a strong support system for international students, I am able to capitalise on the opportunities available here to succeed at university.Arthur Eng Lip Yeow

Why did you choose your degree?
I chose my degree because I have a deep fascination with biological sciences, and have always wanted to explore how sciences can be used to benefit humankind. It is a unique blend of discovery and being able to transform scientific concepts to actual products for utilisation.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Adelaide?
I chose to study at the University of Adelaide because of the university’s excellent research culture and focus. I am not only able to enjoy world class education by the professors, but to immerse myself in the research culture even during my undergraduate years. With a strong support system for international students, I am able to capitalise on the opportunities available here to succeed at university.

What do you enjoy about your degree/time at uni?
I enjoy the friendships formed at university. I love being able to meet up with friends to study in the Hub or the Braggs, and later decide to have lunch together at Rundle Mall, and back again to study!

What do you hope to do in the future once you are qualified?
I hope to further my studies to a doctorate level, where I am armed with the knowledge and expertise I gained from the university and discover new scientific knowledge.