Ke Wang

Ke WangCountry: China 
Degree: Bachelor of Architectural Design (via Nantong Joint Education Program)
Faculty: SET

I want to share some views with my fellow students in China who are interested in architecture. Architecture education in Adelaide is very hands-on.

Why did you choose Nantong - UoA program?

I see architecture as a combination of architecture and art, and from a young age, I showed an interest in architecture (I liked toys like Lego and building blocks), which I retained until it was time to choose my major. In addition to my passion for architecture, I think this program will allow me to learn about the different understandings of architecture in both Chinese and Australian cultures. I can also learn from the best of both countries and improve my artistic attainment and architectural knowledge.

Why did you choose The University of Adelaide

The first thing that attracted me to the University of Adelaide was its international reputation. As one of Australia's top eight universities, I believed it could provide me with the education and excellent resources that I needed. Based on what I know about UOA in China, I think it is ideal for professional education and can help students develop critical thinking as well as find their own goals, which is why I decided to pursue further studies here.

What student services have you accessed - were they helpful?

As an architecture student, I greatly need assistance with IT. I think UOA’s ITDS is very good at this, and I was able to get very professional IT assistance through Ask Adelaide. They helped me a lot.

What courses did you enjoy the most? Why?

I really enjoyed the design course in our major. In this course, we can learn practical knowledge about architecture and how to apply this knowledge to relate architectural design to reality. This practical knowledge means a lot to me. I also learned a lot about cultural theory, including the history of architecture and its impact on society, which was also interesting.

How do you think a degree from the University of Adelaide will help your future career?

As I really like the subject, I initially intend to continue my studies after my undergraduate degree, possibly applying for postgraduate studies in architecture. After this, I will devote myself to work related to architecture and design.

What are your most memorable student experiences? (e.g., clubs, events, festivals)

I love all kinds of sports, so I have made many friends in the student apartment who I can play basketball with, and we often hang out together. Outside of studying, I also enjoy going to the beach, like Glenelg beach, and I always try to have a good balance between learning and having fun.

There are many practical cases in our syllabus, such as designing miners' dormitories and public toilets, where we have to apply our knowledge to make a solution that actually works. I would like to learn more about UOA's internship program and other services in the future.- Ke Wang

How have you adjusted to online learning?

I only took online classes for a short time when I first arrived and have been on campus since then.

What support services have you accessed – were they helpful?

I am very happy with the equipment in on-campus classes. For example, we are afraid of computer downtime in the middle of a design. The computers at university usually do not have these types of issues. Moreover, our work can be synchronised with the online student systems at any time, so there is no problem of losing progress, which significantly improves our learning experiences.

Do you prefer face to face or online learning? Why?

Face-to-face, of course. I believe that face-to-face teaching can achieve better results than online teaching. If you have a question during a tutorial, asking the teacher directly is easier and more effective than asking via Zoom.

What are your most memorable student experiences?

My first impression of Adelaide can trace back to 2018 and 2019, my first visit to this city. I also took a trip to the Sydney Opera House for the first time. When I came to Adelaide, I met the teachers I've communicated with online for the first time. We chatted pretty often and talked about my daily life together. I also made many local friends, all of which were memorable experiences for me.

What do you like most about Adelaide?

Apart from the studies I enjoyed and the new friends I made, I also enjoyed the unique landscape of Adelaide. I once saw a large tree on campus and was struck by its exuded life force, and I stopped for a long time. Life in Adelaide allows you to pause for a few minutes to simply admire a tree. Other than that, I love watching the people walking their dogs on the beach. All in all, Adelaide's natural environment is something I really enjoy.

What’s your future plan?

I think all architecture students dream of one day living in a house of their own design, which might be my ultimate future plan. But if I look at the next three to five years, I would like to work in something related to architecture after I graduate and finish my studies.