Liu Weng

Country: China 
Degree: Master of Media
Faculty: Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics


"For some University of Adelaide students, making the switch to online learning has made studying easier and more convenient. Master of Media student Liu Weng* shares his experience of starting his studies online while located in China."

Why did you choose your degree and the University of Adelaide?

"I studied my undergraduate degree here. I’m interested in photography, so the Masters in Media was practical and offered a shorter degree which I can finish quickly. I also studied my undergraduate here, so I am familiar with the University and feel the academic quality is good."

How have you adjusted to online learning?

"I think online learning is much more convenient, for example, I don't have to rent a house or worry about traffic problems."

"Compared with face-to-face communication, I find it easier to communicate with classmates and teachers on the internet. It is also easier to maintain attendance."

What support services have you accessed?

"The website (MyUni) is simple and very complete. In particular, the online library resources are comprehensive and easy to use. Also, we have more opportunity for one-on-one explanation or communication, it is more direct and convenient."

How do you think a degree from the University of Adelaide will assist your future career?

"The study of media strategy will be very helpful for my future business, and the study of undergraduate photography has improved my skills."

What are your plans for the future?

"I want to start my own photography business after finishing my masters degree."

*Name has been changed for privacy purposes