Tanveen Lamba

Tanveen Lamba

Country: India 
Degree: Master of Accounting
Faculty: Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

My decision to choose the University of Adelaide has been the best decision of my life. The exposure I got at the university has helped me become who I am today. From an introvert to an extrovert, my journey at the University has been memorable, I have learnt and achieved so much in such a small time. The University of Adelaide has taught me to say ‘Yes’ to every opportunity!

The University was my home away from home. With such warm and helpful people around, settling down was easier than I had expected. I was lucky to experience both the student and staff life at the University. Since I had to balance study, work and volunteering, my uni life was pretty hectic. I made sure I took out time whenever I could and enjoy it with my family and friends in Adelaide. Since I like to keep myself busy and productive, I now have mastered the art of time management and juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. 

The best part of the University is that your efforts and hard work doesn’t go unrecognized and are acknowledged in the best and most unexpected way. I was honoured when I was presented with the award for the “Diversity of Experiences Award” along with the Adelaide Graduate Award and also when I was selected as one of the ten nominees for the “Student Volunteer of the Year”.

Why did you choose your degree?

I always wanted to excel in the business field as I have seen my father grow and become an entrepreneur. Working under him was when I realised, how important it is to understand the accounts and finance market to grow. My undergraduate degree in Commerce gave me a good idea of the business market and by doing my Masters, I wanted to gain the required knowledge in the specific field that will help me build my career.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Adelaide?

After my Bachelor’s, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and experience the challenges of studying overseas. While looking at my options, I was quite attracted to South Australia as it is a perfect blend of quiet and busy living. The University of Adelaide was an easy decision once I had finalised the state I wanted to study in. The University of Adelaide is one of the most prestigious universities in Australia, the member of the Go8, ranks in the top 1% of universities worldwide and has a high-quality teaching staff, what else could I ask for.

What do/did you enjoy about your degree?

The friendships and networks that I built at the university was the best part of my degree. I was able to connect with so many passionate, friendly and genuine industry members that guided me on how I can enter the industry, create my identity in the workforce, ace the interviews and bring the best out of myself at work. I miss the late-night study sessions at the Hub and Barr Smith Library and walks around the Foot Bridge. South Australia is a festival state and Fringe is the best time of the year for me. The city looks so different and happening around that time, I just love the whole festive vibe.

Did you undertake a global learning experience/internship whilst studying at the University? 

Apart from the studies, the majority of my time was consumed in managing my time with the three paid roles at the University which included working with Ask Adelaide, the Faculty of Professions and the Learning Enhancement and Innovation Department. For my end of semester breaks, my concentration was to acquire some local experience in my line of study. I interned as a Research Accountant with the Finance and Procurement Services –Student Finance at the University of Adelaide. I also did the SA Government AEWEN internship twice, once for Barossa Fine Foods and other for Uniting Communities. I also volunteered for a good number of hours over my two years of degree being an Adelaide Graduate Award Ambassador, AUEC Events Director, CPA Australia Ambassador, Professions Peer Mentor and ELC volunteer.

I involved myself in different events and roles to get exposure and see if my skills are transferable. The main skills I tried to improve were my interpersonal and listening skills. Working with different people helped me be a team player and respect their cultural boundaries. I would always challenge myself by taking charge to lead and manage the team where I would see an opportunity. All these experiences have given me greater confidence in myself and my abilities.

What job role do you have now (if applicable) and what kind of work does that involve?

After completing my master’s degree in December 2019, I started my graduate role in January 2020 at Galpins as an External Auditor in their Norwood office. As an auditor, I was trained to audit public and private schools under the Department for Education, SA. Along with it, I continued working casually as the Student Services Officer at Ask Adelaide at the University of Adelaide. But 2020 has a different plan for me, I am stuck overseas due to the COVID-19 border closure. I am hoping to be back in Australia soon and resume my role at Galpins and the University. Since I couldn’t work remotely from India, I decided to diversify my skillset and give a hand to my father in his business. I am currently heading the Marketing and Customer Relations team at my father’s food manufacturing unit. It’s a much challenging role since I am learning a lot while working, it’s a new line and I get to use my innovation and experiment it at work.