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An elite education being taught by the very best academics which will enhance your employability worldwide. Enjoy it all with the promise of a stunning campus and incredible quality of life as restrictions ease in Adelaide. You can have it all at the University of Adelaide.

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Arjun | Finance Business Partner, TAFE SA

Current city: Adelaide
Studied: Master of Accounting and Finance

What steps did you take at University to build your skills and experience?

"In order to get to know people, I volunteered extensively. I attended networking sessions, undertook short course, and reconnected with my LinkedIn contacts to bolster my resume. The University noticed my volunteering efforts and offered me a paid part-time role with Ask Adelaide."

Wenfei | Equity & Diversity Officer, Attorney-General’s Department

Current city: Adelaide
Studied: Master of Psychology (Organisational)

Why did you choose to study what you did? Did you ever consider other options?

"Originally I thought I wanted to be a clinical psychologist, and half way through I realised it’s probably not for me either. Luckily I discovered the other areas in psychology that I could do, so I stuck around and finished my program in organisational psychology."

Vanessa | Formulation Chemist – Jurlique International

Current city: Adelaide
Studied: Bachelor of Science (Advanced) Double Chemistry

What’s something unexpected or fun about your job?

"A big part of my role involves being creative, and so I especially enjoy times when I don’t have many projects going on to get in the lab and play with ingredients. Mixing them together in new ways and coming up with crazy formulations/ideas can be really fun, and is actually a good way to help the marketing team develop new strategies and ideas about what we can bring to the markets around the world."

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