Augustine Bhaskarraj

Augustine Bhaskarraj

Country: India 
Degree: Master of Advanced Engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Why did you choose the University of Adelaide?

“The University of Adelaide has some astonishing research laboratories for Engineering and Science programs. The standard of research studies in engineering made me choose this university.”

Why did you choose to study in Adelaide?

“Adelaide is one of the least crowded and most affordable cities in Australia. It has a huge number of diverse festivals and events and a moderate climate year round. These factors influenced me in choosing to study in Adelaide and it has certainly worked out well.  I have really enjoyed balancing study with exploring this beautiful city.”

What did you like best about the University of Adelaide?

“I gained access to the best research journals in my field of study. There was always assistance on offer when it came to understanding new concepts. For my field of study, the dedicated computer suits were exceptional.”

What did you like best about your course?

“I liked the exhaustive topics covered in the program I studied. The courses offered were more application oriented than theoretical, which gave us a deep insight into the subject. Several of the latest concepts in Engineering were also covered in our program.”

Has anyone lecturer really inspired you and why?

“Yes, I am really inspired by my project supervisor and Senior Lecturer, Dr. Kenneth Davey in the School of Chemical Engineering. He is a great teacher. He makes his scholars think rather than just lecturing at them. He encourages his students to understand the reasoning behind whatever he teaches. One of his constant reminders to us is to practice well in order to master a subject/skill.”

What is the best thing about the campus you study on?

“The infrastructure of the schools and the numerous computer suits available in specific departments, enable you to study whenever you want.”

What is the best thing about living in Adelaide?

“Adelaide is a calm and safe city and really easy to get around. Metro transport is reliable and well connected and gets you from one suburb to another very quickly. Another special thing about Adelaide is that you can easily make friends. People living here are really quite friendly.”

What did you do when you were not studying?

“I used to involve myself in various student associations within the University. It was a great way to make some life-long friendships.”

Where are you working now?

“At the University in the International Student Centre, as a Student Services Officer.”

How is study in Australia different to studying in India?

“Studying in Australia is very different to studying in my home country. It gave me greater access to academics and increased my social life. If it weren’t for my studies in Australia, I wouldn’t have learnt about other cultures and to share ideas with people from the other side of the globe.”