Jatinder Chopra

Jatinder Chopra

Country: India 
Degree: Master of Applied Project Management (Project Systems)
Faculty: Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

Why did you choose your degree?

After the completion of my bachelor's degree and working as an engineer professional for several years, I realized I was in ah 9 to 5 job and stuck in my own comfort zone. Therefore, I decided to take the risk to pursue higher education in order to gain, learn and upskill. I chose a Master's in Project Management because after spending years in a technical environment and looking at the same computer screen, I wanted to transition to managerial positions and to transform personally and professionally. Moreover, my role model 'my father' and my office peers suggested I pursue a career in management roles after considering my outgoing and social personality and efficient speaking and planning skills.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Adelaide?

As an international student, I had many options for admission, however, I followed my life mentor "my sister's" footsteps of coming to Adelaide for higher education, which I have never regretted. As far as the University of Adelaide is concerned, although my sister was graduated from a different institute, she always tended to praise and appreciate Uni Adelaide's culture, educational framework and life at Uni as she observes while living in Adelaide. Moreover, after doing extensive research about different universities in Australia, I selected the University of Adelaide based on the provided education and holistic learning, student facilities, fee structure, brilliant faculty and teaching staff, historical legacy, international student support, mental and physical well-being programs, free language and professional development courses, excellent career services as well as numerous job and internship opportunities provided on their career site and at the university job fair. 

What do/did you enjoy about your degree?

Master's of Applied Project Management was like a roller-coaster ride for me. The overall course is a perfect blend of fun, learn, teach and thrive. There were various aspects of my post-graduation course that I enjoyed the most. Primarily, the interactive lectures which included open communication with professors and students, group activities and PowerPoint presentation in the class, which helped me to gain the confidence of speaking in public. Secondarily, I enjoyed the volunteering initiatives such as blood donations and tree plantation launched by the University and student unions, which helped me to make more friends and to meet like-minded people at uni.

Did you undertake a global learning experience/internship whilst studying at the University? If yes, describe your experience.

The global learning experience/internship was not a mandatory part of my course work, however, I was fortunate to land an internship position at Australia Post, just after finishing my very first year of studies.

What are your career aspirations after university? (if applicable)

After finishing my studies, I will apply for a full-time job at my current organization. Furthermore, the level of hard and soft skills, and knowledge I bagged for this prestigious institute, I look forward to my professional advancement and will definitely consider more opportunities to join organizations that promote innovation, excellence and diversity, look to unravel complex IT, engineering and management challenges and provides constant opportunities to learn and develop.

What job role do you have now (if applicable) and what kind of work does that involve?

Currently, due to my academic commitments, I have been working part-time as a supply chain management professional at the Australia Post-StarTrack premium facility. My job responsibilities include:

  • Coordination with major stakeholders such as Qantas & Jetstar Airlines, delivery drivers, warehouse staff and supervisors for efficient freight handling.
  • Acquiring resources required for warehouse setup and closure.
  • Participating Toolbox meetings, Parcels handled per hour and error aggregation discussions.
  • Preparation of Airways bills; scanning, recording and maintaining freight in and freight out records.
  • Identification of technical, safety and security risks, and reporting concerns to the supervisors.
  • Monitoring, reporting and whistleblowing of dangerous/hazardous goods as per Star Track/ Aus. Post Policies, Guides and Standards.

How does your study relate to your career?

I have enjoyed each and every course in my Master's degree, however, to list some I must start with course some first-year courses which included Applied Project Management that educated me on the fundamental principles and concepts of project management, Project Risk Management which introduced me to risks, uncertainties and transforming them into opportunities, Project Controls and Contracting, Project leadership and Communication courses provided me with the deep knowledge of managing human resources and contracts with effective and efficient leadership and communications skills.

In order to incorporate with the unpredicted corporate and business trends, my degree equipped me will the entrepreneurial concepts in courses such as enterprise transformation, entrepreneurial mindset, social entrepreneurship and new venture creation.

Finally, I enjoyed and appreciate the efforts of the teaching staff of the courses Business Research Methods and Project Management Research who taught me to carry out research by understanding the relationship between theory, data and relevant literature.