Renato de Andrade

Country: Brazil 
Degree: Master of Sustainability
Faculty: Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Why did you choose the University of Adelaide?

“I knew that I wanted to study in Australia and I was impressed with the course on offer at the University of Adelaide.  When I researched the University of Adelaide I realised that it was part of the Group of 8 and in the top 1% of universities in the world.  I wanted to study at a top University and I feel I made the right decision.”

Why did you choose to study in Adelaide?
“There are a few reasons why I wanted to study in Adelaide. First of all, the city itself seemed to be very nice and pretty.  I liked the fact that Adelaide is a relatively small city and less expensive than other cities in Australia.  I also wanted to study in a city that was multi-cultural and would give me the opportunity to socialize with people from different countries.  The weather was also important!  Adelaide’s weather is similar to my hometown, warm in the summer and slightly colder during winter.”

What do you like best about the University of Adelaide?
“I’d say the best thing about the University is that you never feel alone.  The university provides lots of services to support students - counselling services, assistance with maths and writing and career advice, but the most important of all the International Student Centre. The International Student Centre has always been my first stop whenever I have any questions at all, whether it’s about my course, visa or even if it’s not directly related to the University.”

Adelaide is a very safe and friendly city and is just the right size - not too big and not too small.

Renato de Andrade

What do you like best about your course?
“I love my course because of its flexibility.  I am able to focus on areas that I am interested in such as law, engineering and technology, architecture or environmental sciences.  It is great being able to take part in group discussions about the challenges of achieving sustainability.”

How is study in Australia different to studying in your home country?
“In my home country, lecturers are constantly following your progress.  Here in Australia, it is the student’s responsibility to attend lectures, complete all of the reading and submit essays on time.  I think that this independence will be good experience for when I start my career.”

Has anyone lecturer really inspired you? Why?
“One of my courses had a guest lecturer for each week and one of these guest lecturers really inspired me. The lecturer is working with the South Australian Government Department of Environment and Heritage, managing the state’s marine parks. It was incredible to see how happy and fulfilled she was with her job and it made me realize that that should be the goal for my career.”

What is the best thing about the campus?
“Being in the City Centre is great as everything you need is close by. It takes less than 5 minutes to walk from campus to shops, restaurants, cafes or beautiful parks.”

What is the best thing about living in Adelaide?
“When I first got here, the tranquillity and relaxed feel of the city was a big shock for me since I came from a very busy city. But after getting used to it and travelling to bigger cities, I came to realize that this is what makes Adelaide such a great place to live.  Adelaide is a very safe and friendly city and is just the right size - not too big and not too small.”

What do you do when you’re not studying?
“I’m currently volunteering for the Language and Cultural Exchange Program, helping organize and run social events with the purpose of sharing different cultures, such as Latin Night, Malaysian Night or a European Quiz Night.  I am also part of a Japanese folk dancing group, so I’m rehearsing with this group twice a week.  I also use the university gym, read and enjoy watching movies at home.”

What is your plan when you graduate?
“After I graduate I am planning to get a job here in Australia, working in a consulting role (in the environmental sustainability industry) or as a sustainability manager/planner.”