Thamara Senarathne

Thamara Senarathne

Country: Sri Lanka
Degree: Master of Applied Economics
Faculty: Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

How did you choose your course?

“My first degree is in Economics and so I wanted to study a Masters of Applied Economics. My sponsor gave me a list of universities to choose from in a number of different countries.  I chose Adelaide University because I really liked the course.  Besides that, I have friends who live in Adelaide and they told me that it is a great city to study in because it is clean and green has a calm, relaxed environment.  Also, the cost of living is lower in Adelaide than in other Australian cities.”

Have you found people in Adelaide to be friendly?

“Yes definitely.  People in Adelaide are always happy to help you. On my first day, I caught a bus into the city but didn’t know where the university was, so I asked the bus driver.  A nurse who was getting on the bus behind me overheard and told me the university was close to the hospital.  He offered to walk with me from the bus stop to the university. This sort of kindness from strangers happens all the time in Adelaide.”

What do you like best about the uni?

“The staff are extremely supportive.  The quality of the learning outcomes is very high.” 

My eldest daughter attended kindergarten here and now speaks excellent English. She sound like real little Aussie!
- Thamara Senarathne

What do you like best about your course?

“I like the fact it is comprehensive and covers finance and international trade subjects which will be useful in my future career. The course also places emphasis on the three most important learning techniques; group work, presentation skills and report writing. My favourite subjects on the course were ‘Policy Challenges’ and ‘Resource and Environment Economics’.”

Have you enjoyed working with students of other nationalities?

“Yes, I have become great friends with the African, Asian, Indonesian and Vietnamese students on my course. We will definitely stay in touch once I return to Sri Lanka.”

Has any member of staff really inspired you?

“I couldn’t pick one over the other.  All of them have been great and have given me valuable feedback.”

What do you like about being a student on campus?

“The facilities are great.  I mostly study in the library and in The Hub because I am here with my family and I get more peace and quiet on campus!”

What do you do in your free time?

“We have tried to make the most of our time here as a family.  My children love animals so we have visited lots of wildlife parks, Adelaide Zoo and have even been out on a boat to spot dolphins. One year, my husband participated in the South Asian festival here in Adelaide.”

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

“I will return to work for my sponsor in Sri Lanka and do my best to apply the new theoretical and practical techniques I have learnt, to my job.”
What have your children gained from living in Adelaide?

“One of my daughters is 2 and the other is 4.  My eldest daughter attended kindergarten here and she now speaks excellent English.  Both of them have picked up the Australian accent a bit...they sound like real little Aussies!”