Tung Dang Nguyen

Country: Vietnam
Degrees: Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business
Faculty: Arts, Business, Law and Economics
Scholarship: ADS scholarship

Tung Dang’s decision to study at The University of Adelaide was not a difficult one when he discovered its reputation in the field of Agribusiness.  As he explains, “The University of Adelaide is a popular destination for a large number of international Agribusiness students each year, attracted by the extensive theoretical and practical experience of outstanding lecturers.” Further online research also revealed Adelaide’s ranking by The Economist Magazine as one of the top ten ‘Most Liveable Cities in the World’. “The more I researched the city of Adelaide, the more I was attracted to it.  The weather is similar to the weather in my home country and I knew my living allowance would stretch further here because it is the most affordable city in Australia.”

In Australia, learning is student-centred. This focus on the individual student motivates and inspires me.

Tung Dang Nguyen

Tung attributes his lack of homesickness since arriving in Adelaide, to the friendly and supportive environment provided by university staff on campus. “Every problem I have encountered has been dealt with quickly and professionally.  So far, my experience studying at the university has surpassed all expectations. The University has created the perfect study environment with modern facilities and rich sources of data, books, articles; all of which motivate me to work harder.”

Studying on both the North Terrace and the Waite Campuses has its benefits. As Tung explains, ‘The North Terrace campus is located in the city centre with modern facilities, such as the new Hub Central, a huge, state-of-the-art learning space for students. However, the romantic and peaceful environment of the Waite campus makes it ideal for self-study...I feel as though I get to enjoy the best of both worlds.’

Although he hasn’t yet completed his degree, he already relishes the thought of returning to Vietnam to apply his newly learned skills and methodology to his work as a lecturer at the University of Agriculture in Hanoi. “It is a great feeling to know that I will return better qualified to help solve some of the major agricultural issues facing Vietnamese farmers today.”

In the meantime, Tung plans to enjoy the freedom, safety and creativity of studying at one of Australia’s top ranked universities. “In my country, learning is lecturer-centred, while in Australia it is very much student-centred.  This focus on the individual student motivates me to be creative and inspires me to achieve my best.”