Wen Teng

Wen Teng

Country: China 
Degree: Master of Biotechnology (Biomedical)
Faculty: Sciences, Engineering and Technology.


"Before I started my degree, I worked in a private hospital for more than 10 years and was engaged in the molecular detection of haematology. I used to feel difficulty in my work due to my limited knowledge and deficiency of skills. So I thought it was time to further my education."

"The degree I chose to learn (Master of Biotechnology (Biomedical)) is appropriate for my previous education and work background, so the knowledge I can learn is relevant. My degree also provides opportunities to practice and improve my problem-solving ability, my independent learning skills, and problem-based learning."

"I believe the greatest part of my degree is the usefulness of what I have learned for my specialism and what I can employ directly into my job. So my degree will be beneficial for my job after graduating."

"COVID-19 has impacted my learning, especially as I am in China learning remotely, so I can't do the practical experiments and am instead watching videos. I have no chance of face to face communication with my coordinator and classmates, but my coordinators help me a lot. They are patient and answer my questions and understand the challenges I face. For example, during the travel restrictions, email is the only way to ask a question. The coordinators would say “if you have any questions, let me know without any hesitation” so I feel very comfortable and never feel isolated during the pandemic."

"Regarding the reason why I chose Adelaide, it is the academic environment here. I know of a lot of famous academics and research graduates from the University including some Nobel Prize winners. Also the old buildings and the campus culture I liked very much. Another reason is the University offers a series of scholarships, which will reduce my payments while studying. In addition, Adelaide is a tranquil city."

"The people here are friendly and it is absolutely a wonderful place for studying."

"When I lived in Adelaide, my housemate was always a very kind person. We usually talked about the Australian and Chinese culture and we would try to understand each other. She would cook for me if I came home late and helped me practice my language. In fact, my language skills really improved since I lived with her. I'm so grateful for her and I believe it will be a memorable experience in my life."

"As for the plan after I graduate, I have no idea now. I'm happy to continue into a PhD degree. But I'm not young, I have my family and they need my accomplishment. Maybe after I will go into a research institution to find a job because I love my specialisation, or perhaps I will prefer to go to a University to teach."