Social Programs, Clubs and Sports

International Student Support offers a number of programs to help you connect with other people in Adelaide.

Meet students from all over the world, including locals, and get active in your local community.

Which social program is for me?

You can participate in as many social programs as you'd like - but here are some ideas to get you started.

I want to... Best social program for you
...Practice my conversational English.

Talking with Aussies
Participation in this program counts towards the Adelaide Graduate Award

...Engage with languages and cultures from around the world at regular social events. Language and Cultural Engagement program
...Experience the Australian way of life by meeting with local volunteers. Experience Adelaide
...Develop my intercultural communication skills with local and international students in small groups.

Global IQ Connect
This program offers a certificate of completion for your CV, and counts towards the Adelaide Graduate Award

List of social programs

Talking with Aussies

Improve your English conversation skills, by meeting regularly with a local Australian volunteer - or be a volunteer, and help our international students practice their English.

Language and Cultural Engagement program

Opportunities for social interaction through language and cultural networking.

Experience Adelaide

Meet and connect with a local University graduate or staff member. A chance to experience the real Adelaide and discover South Australia.

Global IQ Connect

Global IQ - Connect will help you understand the role culture plays in communication and interaction and how activities are often experienced differently by the people involved.

Peer mentor program

Develop leadership skills and form long-term friendships, through a program that is often described by our current and past one of the most memorable highlights of their student life.

Morning tea

A free weekly gathering for all current international students of the University, held Fridays on the North Terrace campus.

Ecoversity's edible garden program

Meet fellow green-thumbs, grow and pick fresh produce to eat. Get gardening at North Terrace and Waite!


With more than 130 clubs at the University of Adelaide, there's a crowd for everyone.


Adelaide University Sports has nearly 40 sports clubs available, ranging from Australia's largest University snow ski trip, through to bush walking, rowing and many more water, field and indoor sports.

Your local community

Connecting to others in your local community is a great way to explore Australia and the Australian culture.

University heritage tours

Connecting to others in your local community is a great way to explore Australia and the Australian culture.