Arrival and Customs

Moving to a new country can be daunting, and so can starting at a new university. Doing both at once can be a real challenge!

We have put together some information about arrival preparation and what you can expect when you arrive in Adelaide. We recommend all international students planning to study at The University of Adelaide review this information prior to coming to Australia.

  • Before you start packing, it is a good idea to find out what happens at the border when you arrive in Australia.
  • Australia has strict biosecurity and quarantine laws to keep foreign pests and diseases from entering the country. Read more about what you can and cannot bring into Australia.
  • Your economy air travel will cost between AUD$1,200 - AUD$2,000.
  • Arrange your travellers' cheques and/or cash - we recommend that students bring a minimum of AUD$100 for on-arrival expenses and no more than AUD$5,000.
  • Photocopy or scan all of your documents and your passport, visa, travellers' cheques, bank drafts, and any return air tickets - keep these separate from the originals, and leave a set safely at home.
  • You may wish to arrange accommodation or organise an airport pick-up service. These can both be arranged through the accommodation service.

Travelling to Australia

Australian borders are now open. Whether it’s your first time in Adelaide or you are coming back after some time away, we're looking forward to you joining us on campus.

Travelling to Australia